[hemmerling] My IT Experience

1980 - ELAN / EUMEL: The beginning... of my interest in IT

In fact, my very-first computer programming language was ELAN, running on its own EUMEL operating system, in 1980. As a schoolboy, during a special course for information science, I was allowed to sit at the personal terminals of the developers of the programming language ELAN and its operating system EUMEL, in their rooms at the University of Bielefeld. The lack of printed manuals at the beginning of the course urged us to use old, revised manuals we found in the developers´ waste-paper baskets !

2008 - Web 2.0

2011 - Web 2.0

2012 - Web 2.0

I founded some Web 2.0 community groups, successfully.

2014 - OpenSource Projects

I have now my own OpenSource project Brick Firmware.

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