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Rolf Hemmerling - Competence in Technical Matters

Rolf Hemmerling Rolf Hemmerling Rolf Hemmerling
German flag: My name in latin script Rolf Hemmerling
Greek flag: My name in greek script Ρολφ Χαίμμερλιγγ ( Polf Xaímmepligg )
Russian flag: My name in kyrillian script Рольф Хэммэрлинг
Japanese flag: My name in Katakana and Romaji scripts ヘンメリン ロルフ ( Henmerin Rorufu )
Chinese flag: My name in simplfied mandarin chinese script 海默林 奥尔夫
Egyptian flag: My name in arabian script رولف همرلينج
Iranian flag: My name in Farsi script رولف حمليك
Kurdish flag: My name in Kurdish script رولف هيملنك
  • I can offer services which require the combined application of knowledge and experience in the fields of IT, engineering and management, based on a valuable and sustainable
    • IT experience ( since 1980 ).
    • Expertness and professional work experience in the fields Instrumentation and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) ( since 1985 ).
    • Experience in implementation and operation of enterprise networks ( since 1993 ).
    • Experience in development and implementation of online media contents ( since 1995 ).
  • My focus is quality assurance, requirements management, process and services design for small and medium companies as well as testing.
  • I am single, nonparous. Since 2010-03-01 I am able and willing to relocate within Germany. I don´t have liabilities to pay. So I am free, open-minded and flexible for engagements to master new tasks and challenges.
  • I am practicing the principle of lifelong learning, for more than 25 years.
  • “Intercultural competence” is important for you, right?! I am second generation migrant from Silesia, already born in Germany. Of course I expect equal opportunities as migrants and refugees of other provenance, by german companies which privilege migrants and refugees, or which are requested to privilege migrants and refugees ( Affirmative Action ), in case of works contracts or engagement. I would like to refer to Christian Wulff, former Federal President of Germany, who expressed on 2010-01-25 in public, that german companies are due to employ more migrants.

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