[Hemmerling] Security

EU General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR )

Security News

Information Security Management System ( ISMF )

Security Tools

Security Online Services

Free Security Online Services

Just-Commercial Security Online Services

  • ExploitHub - “The First Legitimate Marketplace For Validated, Non-Zero-Day Exploits For Security Professionals”.

Free Security Tools

Commercial Security Tools

  • Neuber Software - the commercial “Network Security Taskmanager” / “Security Task Manager” - “Shows detailed information about all running processes: file path, description, security risk rating, start time, icon”.

AntiVirus and Firewall Software

Free and comercial AntiVirus software

Free Firewall Software

Just-Commercial, Affordable AntiVirus software

  • The commercial “F-PROT Antivirus” by F-PROTF works with W2k-Server, Win2003, Win2008, too.
  • Rising Antivirus - commercial antivirus software.


Microsoft Security Technologies

Internet and Software Application Security

Password Recovery Tools

Free Password Recovery Tools

Free General Tools

Secure Connections

Internet Protocol Security ( IPsec )


Certificates & Certificate Generation

Transport Layer Security ( TLS ) / Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL )

Top Critical Errors / Vulnerabilities

CWE - Common Weakness Enumeration


SANS Institute


Security For Automation

Security Protocols and Security Frameworks ( for Software Development )

Trusted Computing

Online Magazines


Books & Publications


Automation & Process Industry

Paper Magazines




Accountability in IT Business

  • “Cloud Computing” = “Auftragsdatenverarbeitung”, according to $11 of “Bundesdatenschutzgesetz” ( BDSG ).


  • Anti-Scam-Forum, Germany - “TEILE KEINEM SCAMMER MIT, DASS SIE HIER GELISTET SIND. Die, die es tun erhalten sofort Verbannung” :-).
  • DragonLadies.org BBS - “A forum for the collection, and publication of information on female internet romance scammers from Asia”.
  • Blog ScumAlert.

Examples of Devices connected to the public Internet


Forums, Newsgroups, Communities

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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