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The Tinkerforge Project

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Original Server-side Software

  • “The Brick Daemon is a daemon (or service on Windows) that acts as a bridge between the Bricks/Bricklets and the API bindings for the different programming languages”.
    • Tinkerforge "Python - API Bindings" for Python 2.x and 3.x.
      • On Python(x,y) with Python 2.7.6:
        • This installation procedure works for me: Execute “python setup.py install” as shell command, from the “source” directory.
        • The suggested installation procedure “easy_install tinkerforge.egg” did not work for me :-(, though it executes and finishes without any error message. It just copies the “tinkerforge.egg” file to the Python “lib” directory, which is not sufficient.
  • “The Brick Viewer provides a graphical interface for testing Bricks and Bricklets. Each device has its own view that shows the main features and allows to control them”.

Third-Party Server-side Software

Firmeware for Third-Party Hardware

Internet Of Things ( ITO ) & Cloud Services



Forums, Newsgroups

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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