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[hemmerling] "Industry 4.0" & "Internet of Things" ( IOT ) & "Cyber-physical Systems"

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Smart City - Concept by Harald Welzer

  • English:
    • A place of analog encounter and communications, where unexpected may happen and happens.
  • German:
    • Ein Ort analoger Begegnung und Kommunikation wo Unerwartetes passieren kann und passiert.

IOT Concepts

Digital Twin, Digital Shadow

  • Digital Twin = Target ( German “Soll-Zustand” ).
  • Digital Shwadow = Performance ( German “Ist-Zustand” ).

Specific Value Proposition

3-Phase Model of Proceedings how to build an IOT Service from Sensor to Cloud

  1. Connect.
  2. Collect.
  3. Consume.

Internet-Of-Things Drivers & User Requirements

  1. Customer centricity: From USP ( Unique Selling Proprosition ) to ISP ( Individual Selling Proposition ).
  2. Hyper connectivity.
  3. Self-learning products ( → Algorithms. What may the company's staff member do better than an “algorithm”? ).
  4. Realtime big data data processing.
  5. Context.
  6. Immediate availabilty ( “now” ).

Retrofitting of traditional Systems / Machines for Internet-Of-Things

  1. Access to the control system.
    • Abstraction of the parameters and functions.
    • Implementation of a virtual representation.
  2. API-ification of the functions and data.
    • Development of communication technologies.
    • Implementation of online services ( i.e. remote access to system functions ).
  3. Networking, accross the automation pyramid, from pyramid to cyber physical system - everybody can talk to anybody.
  4. Administration.
    • Backend applications.
    • Business logic.
    • Device / service management
  5. GUI applications.
    • Service integration.

Internet 4.0 M2M Networks and Protocols

Smart Wireless Devices

Germany & IoT

IoT Projects in Germany

"Brick" Concepts for IoT Applications

Data Collection, Protocol Converter and Interface Changer

Some other German IoT Startup Companies

  • The German Company gestigon GmbH - “Gestigon Gesture Control - Shaping the future of user interfaces”.
  • The German Company Cybus GmbH - The special feature of Cybus's IoT middleware is the implementation of an “Access Control Layer”.
  • The German Company Yetu - “The Smart Home Platform. Your applications on every device and operating system”.

IOT Gateways

Amazon Greeengras ( ARM & x86 Software )

  • The commercial, but affordable operating system Amazon AWS "AWS Greengrass" for Raspberry Pi.
    • “Lokale Datenverarbeitungs-, Messaging-, Caching-, Synchronisierungs- und ML-Inferenzvorgänge für verbundene Geräte. Über AWS Lambda und AWS IoT Core können Sie IoT-Anwendungen nahtlos über die AWS Cloud und lokale Geräte ausführen”.
    • “Greengrass setzt Prozessoren mit einer Taktung von mindestens 1 GHz (ARM oder X86) und 128 MB RAM voraus”.
  • GitHub "dzimine/aws-greengrass-docker" - “Docker for AWS Greengrass”.

Samsung ARTIK Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

Samsung ARTIK Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

Important IOT Gateways, according to VDC Research of 2017-02

  • Advantech.
  • AEWIN Technologies.
  • B+B SmartWorx.
  • CalAmp.
  • Cisco Systems.
  • Cradlepoint.
  • Dell.
  • Digi International.
  • HPE.
  • Intel.
  • Kontron.
  • Lanner Electronics.
  • MultiTech.
  • NetComm Wireless.
  • Prosoft.
  • Sierra Wireless.
  • Supermicro Computer.

IOT and Big Data Platforms




Industry 4.0 Software

open Asset Administration Shell ( openAAS )


Industry 4.0 Networks


Citizen Science, Citizen Development, Citizen Developer

Internet of Things ( IoT )

Industry 4.0 Resources, Japan

Industry 4.0 Resources, Germany

Forums, Newsgroups

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