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[hemmerling] "Industry 4.0" & "Internet of Things" ( IOT ) & "Cyber-physical Systems"

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The Digital of Cities and Villages


Smart City - Concept by Harald Welzer

  • English:
    • A place of analog encounter and communications, where unexpected may happen and happens.
  • German:
    • Ein Ort analoger Begegnung und Kommunikation wo Unerwartetes passieren kann und passiert.

IOT Concepts

Digital Twin, Digital Shadow

  • Digital Twin = Target ( German “Soll-Zustand” ).
  • Digital Shadow = Performance ( German “Ist-Zustand” ).

Specific Value Proposition

3-Phase Model of Proceedings how to build an IOT Service from Sensor to Cloud

  1. Connect.
  2. Collect.
  3. Consume.

Internet-Of-Things Drivers & User Requirements

  1. Customer centricity: From USP ( Unique Selling Proprosition ) to ISP ( Individual Selling Proposition ).
  2. Hyper connectivity.
  3. Self-learning products ( → Algorithms. What may the company's staff member do better than an “algorithm”? ).
  4. Realtime big data data processing.
  5. Context.
  6. Immediate availabilty ( “now” ).

Retrofitting of traditional Systems / Machines for Internet-Of-Things

  1. Access to the control system.
    • Abstraction of the parameters and functions.
    • Implementation of a virtual representation.
  2. API-ification of the functions and data.
    • Development of communication technologies.
    • Implementation of online services ( i.e. remote access to system functions ).
  3. Networking, accross the automation pyramid, from pyramid to cyber physical system - everybody can talk to anybody.
  4. Administration.
    • Backend applications.
    • Business logic.
    • Device / service management
  5. GUI applications.
    • Service integration.

Smart Service Engineering

Internet 4.0 M2M Networks and Protocols

Smart Wireless Devices

Germany & IoT

Hochschule Hannover - Modellfabrik

IoT Projects in Germany

"Brick" Concepts for IoT Applications

Data Collection, Protocol Converter and Interface Changer

Some other German IoT Startup Companies

  • The German Company gestigon GmbH - “Gestigon Gesture Control - Shaping the future of user interfaces”.
  • The German Company Cybus GmbH - The special feature of Cybus's IoT middleware is the implementation of an “Access Control Layer”.
  • The German Company Yetu - “The Smart Home Platform. Your applications on every device and operating system”.

IOT Gateways

Amazon Greeengras ( ARM & x86 Software )

  • The commercial, but affordable operating system Amazon AWS "AWS Greengrass" for Raspberry Pi.
    • “Lokale Datenverarbeitungs-, Messaging-, Caching-, Synchronisierungs- und ML-Inferenzvorgänge für verbundene Geräte. Über AWS Lambda und AWS IoT Core können Sie IoT-Anwendungen nahtlos über die AWS Cloud und lokale Geräte ausführen”.
    • “Greengrass setzt Prozessoren mit einer Taktung von mindestens 1 GHz (ARM oder X86) und 128 MB RAM voraus”.
  • GitHub "dzimine/aws-greengrass-docker" - “Docker for AWS Greengrass”.

Samsung ARTIK Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

Samsung ARTIK Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

Important IOT Gateways, according to VDC Research of 2017-02

  • Advantech.
  • AEWIN Technologies.
  • B+B SmartWorx.
  • CalAmp.
  • Cisco Systems.
  • Cradlepoint.
  • Dell.
  • Digi International.
  • HPE.
  • Intel.
  • Kontron.
  • Lanner Electronics.
  • MultiTech.
  • NetComm Wireless.
  • Prosoft.
  • Sierra Wireless.
  • Supermicro Computer.

IOT and Big Data Platforms

Huawai OceanConnect

The IOT Platform


Hardware Ecosystem

  • IOT Platform ⇐Ethernet= eCore9100 ⇐Ethernet= RF gateway “eLTE-U eAN3810A” ⇐eLTE= eLTE devices.
  • eLTE devices.
    1. WASHION “Libra 3” e-meter.
    2. Huawei “eA780 eLTE-L” ⇐WLAN= (sensor and actor) devices.
    3. “eLTE-IoT DTU” box ⇐RS-232 / RS-485= (sensor and actor) devices.
    4. Customer Device ⇐Ethernet= (sensor and actor) devices.
    • “Supports Services of Enterprise Applications and Private Industry Networks”.
    • Models eCore9300, eCore9100.
    • Experts stated, that eCore also works as a switch, to distribute maange to different RF devices. It also has the task to evaluate the package calls ( EPC function )
    • eCore connects RF gateways like “eLTE-U eAN3810A” with the LAN / Intranet, by Ethernet cable.
  • “eLTE-U eAN3810A” + “eA780 eLTE-L”
    • Huawei "eLTE-U eAN3810A" - “Base Station that Provides Communications Services in Huawei eLTE-U Solution”.
      • “eA780 eLTE-L CPE Huawei eA780 series DAUs (eA780 for short) are industrial gateway and routing devices that integrate routing, switching, wirelss access (including LTE wireless access), and security functions. The eA780 is featured with small-size, diverse interfaces, powerful functions, and easy-to-expand. The eA780 provides a reliable and secure access solution for quick deployment and applies to M2M markets, such as smart power, industrial campuses, transportation, and automatic production”.
      • “eA780 eLTE-L” connects by RF to a RF gateway like “eLTE-U eAN3810A”.
      • “eA780 eLTE-L” may connect by indoor WLAN to local field entworks, local sensors and local devices.
  • “eLTE-IoT DTU”.
    • “eLTE-IoT DTU” might be based on devices of USR IOT - “Serial to Ethernet Converter, Industrial 4G Router, Cellular Modem”.
    • The “eLTE-IoT DTU” box may connect by indoor RS485 and RS232 to local field entworks, local sensors and local devices.





Industry 4.0 Software

open Asset Administration Shell ( openAAS )


Industry 4.0 Networks


Citizen Science, Citizen Development, Citizen Developer

Internet of Things ( IoT )

Industry 4.0 Resources, Japan

Industry 4.0 Resources, USA

Industry 4.0 Resources, International

Industry 4.0 Resources, Germany

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