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Free automatic Online Translation Services

Free automatic Online Translation Services, with local Formular

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Free Online Services

Academic Word List

Readability Index



Word Frequency Analysis


Domain-specific Dictionaries

Forums, Newsgroups

Instant Translation Tools for Realtime Communications of Humans

Free Apps

Commercial Hardware with Services

    • “Is the new and easy way to have real conversation with soemone who speaks a different language”.
    • Experts told me on the IFA2018: Pocketalk connects to the Internet. The Internet Pocketalk service knows about free translation services and selects the “best” translation. The additional benefit to free textual translation services by Internet is primarily the speech recognition ( of the user ). Speech output is also provided, but thats not a USP.

Portals and Websites for Language Courses & Language specific Tools




OWL / Bielefeld & France

Bielefeld & France
Paderborn & France

Hannover & France

Farsi, Arabian and Kurdish







Commercial / Free Software

  • Everest Dictionary - free dictionary software for Windows.
  • The translation tool Clicktionary for Windows, free and commercial editions.
  • The commercial translation software Babylon for Windows.
  • Mr Honey's Dictionary, Germany - commercial dictionaries on CDROM, by Winfried Honig.
  • The commercial vocabulary trainer software *tmx for Windows. Trial version is available - english, french, spanish, italian.
  • Langenscheidt - commercial dictionaries, as paper books and services.
  • The commercial editor ParsNegar II for Windows - “write Persian/Farsi, Arabic, Urdu, Kurdish and Assyrian under Windows”.

Free and Commercial Tools for Professional Translators

Translation Memory Managers ( TMM )

Linguistic Tools

Commercial Services

Commercial Automatic Non-Human Translation Services

Commercial Human Translation Services

Commercial Online Language Training Services

Commercial Language Training Services

Commercial new Language Learning Method

Language Certificates


Free MOOC Online Trainings


Free Penpal Services, for learning Languages

  • Fluentfuture - “Learn a language for free meeting other members and teaching each other. Or pay rated teachers for individual language lessons. Study languages using our extensive online learning materials”.


Forums, Newsgroups, Communities

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