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Search Engine for Classified Ads, for Germany

  • - “Die Kleinanzeigensuche”.
  • ecofreek - “Searches over 45+ websites and 10,000 libraries worldwide for free and swappable items being given away by people who no longer need them”.

Free & Paid Classified Ads, Just Online Issue, for Germany

  1. ABISZ Online, Bremen.
    • “Bundesweit, Bremen, Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin”.
    • In the 1990th, there was a paper issue for western Lower Saxony and Bremen.
  2. alles und umsonst - “verschenken macht Spaß”.
  3. - “Gebrauchtwagen Jahreswagen Neuwagen auto-versicherung auto-finanzierung auto-leasing”.
  4. autoscout24 - “Europas Automarkt für Gebrauchtwagen und Neuwagen”.
  5. Kleinanzeigen ( formerly: “kijiji”).
  6. - “kostenlose Kleinanzeigen und Stellungsangebote”.
    • There is in 2016-12 still a paper issue for the area “Großraum Baden- Württemberg”.
  7. Google Groups.
  8. Madsack Publishing ( HAZ, Neue Presse ).
  9. - “Deutschlands größter Fahrzeugmarkt”.
  10. Onlinemarkt Hannover - Paid classified ads only.
    • (Former) paper magazines for free classified ads, by Quoka GmbH: “ALLES”, “Annoncen AVIS”, “das inserat”, “Kurz&Fündig”, “Revier Markt”, “SperrMüll”, “SUCH & FIND Ost”, “Zweite Hand”.
  11. Zweite Hand - “Kostenlose Kleinanzeigen aus Berlin”.

Local Clearing out, for Germany - The Alternative for 2nd. Hand Sales

Local Sales Markets, for Germany

  1. - “Verschenkmarkt”.

Real Estate Market, for Germany

Rental Flats & Ready-furnished Rental Flats for Freelancers and Temporary Employment / Integration Leasing

"Gäste- und Monteurzimmer", "Kurzzeitmiete", "möblierte Wohnung", "möbliertes Zimmer", "Pension", "Unterkunft", "Unterkünfte"

  1. - “Monteurzimmer: Monteurunterkunft Zimmer, Monteur-Zimmer, Fremdenzimmer. Monteurunterkunft für Arbeiter, Gewerbevermietung, Baustellenunterkunft”.
  2. FacilityServices Hannover GmbH "Kaufmännisches Gebäudemanagement" - There is a paper list of rentable flats, in the shop windows of some local Sparkasse bank faclities in Hannover.
  3. Facebook:
  4. eBay "Kaufen / Immobilien", "Alle Kategorien zum Thema Immobilien" - “Wohnung zur Miete” ( no category for ready-furnished flats ).
  5. ImmobilienScout24 - “ImmoblilienScout24 Der Marktführer: Die Nr. 1 rund um Immobilien”.
    • Search “Möbliertes Wohnen”.
    • Extended Search “Möbliert mieten”.
  6. Medici Living - “Der größte professionelle WG-Anbieter Deutschlands”.
  7. nestoria - “Immobiliensuche einfach einfach” ( no category for ready-furnished flats ).

"WG", "Wohngemeinschaft", "Studenten-WG"

  1. EasyWG - “Über 30.000 WGs & WG Zimmer in Deutschland”.
  2. Facebook - Search for the name-of-the-city ( e.g. “Hannover” ) and “WG” to find rental market groups for a special town.
  3. STUDENTEN-WG.DE - “Günstige Wohnungen und WG-Zimmer nicht nur für Studenten!”.
  4. - “Wohngemeinschaft, Wohngemeinschaften, WGs, WG Zimmer, WG Nachmieter, Zwischenmiete”.

Germany-wide rental services


  • Check if the rental of the flat includes ( the use of ) a washing machine, or alternatively if there is a cloth washing service in the town ( “Wäscheservice / Heißmangel”,... ).

Just Selling and Buying of Flats and Houses, for Germany

Market for commercial premises, for Germany

Suggestions by Flat Seekers from Bielefeld, Germany, 2022-12

  1. ImmoScout24 - Most results.
    • Expected better results as flat seeker, with paid account:
      • To be listed at top on the list of interested people for the landlord.
      • The landlord can see positive attributes immediately: E.g. non-smoker, no pets.
  2. eBay Kleinanzeigen - Some results.
  3. DHD24 - Some results.
  4. Real estate agents.

Free & Paid Classified Ads, Just Online Issue, for France


Forums, Newsgroups

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