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[hemmerling] Altera ( now merged with Intel ) "System on Chip" ( SoC )

The Company


*Altera SoC Developers Forum ( ASDF ) in Frankfurt, 2015-10-14.

FPGA Chips & Boards

Cyclon V with 2 x ARM Cortex A9

My Eval Board "SoCKIT", with ARM Cortex A9

The Eval Board "SoCrates" by EBV, with ARM Cortex A9

Installation of the Software Development Tools

  1. “Quartus II Web-Edition”. Select “Cyclon V” as target during installation.
  2. “SoC Embedded Design Suite”.
  3. “ARM Development Studio, DS-5 Community Edition”, activation key “AC+70616421313438”.
  4. “PuTTY” for Windows.
  5. “Win32DiskImager” for Windows.

NIOS II ( Cyclon IV E Family )

The BeMicro FPGA Stick

My BeMicro SDK

BeMicro SDK Installation

  1. “Quartus II Web-Edition”. Select “Cyclon IV E Family” as target during installation.
    • With these free Altera development tools, if the installation file has about the same size, the service package contain a new full version. The update does not patch the old version, but is a fresh install and must be installed in a separate directory.
  2. Install “Nios II Embedded Design Suite (EDS)” in the same directory as “Quartus II Web-Edition”.
    • Else you get the error message during installation of “NiosII Embedded Design Suite (EDS)”, after the installation of “Quartus II Web-Edition”: “The specified path ('c:\altera\10.1') does not contain a Quartus II bin directory. Nios II Embedded Design Suite needs to install into the same directory level as Quartus II. Please specify a valid Quartus II installation directory”.
    • “Nios II Embedded Design Suite (EDS)” is a full version, there is no commercial subscription version !
  3. Plug the “BeMicro SDK” USB stick in your Windows PC, and point Windows for driver installation to the directory “C:\altera\quartus\drivers\usb-blaster\”.
    • Don´t point to a deeper directory !
    • Warning: Win7 might be shipped with a non-functional outdated driver ?!
  4. Use the “Board Support Package” ( C/C++ header files, drivers,..) to create your applications. You can access the software tools by classical command line commands and by Eclipse.

Cyclon II

Development Software

FPGA Development Software

C/C++ Development Tools for Cyclon V -based ARM9, running on Windows and Linux Hosts

Embedded Linux Development Kit ( ELDK ) for FPGA-based ARM9, running on Linux Hosts

The Product


Software of / for the BeMicro SDK

Online Services for BeMicro SDK


Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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