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Conferences and Seminars



Installable Runtimes

The Original Implementation for Linux and Windows

Pat Thoyts
Legacy installable Runtimes

Re-Implementations & Ports to other Platforms

Browser Plugins
The Eagle Project
  • The Eagle Project for Windows with .NET 2.0 - “Eagle (Extensible Adaptable Generalized Logic Engine) is an implementation of the Tcl scripting language for the Common Language Runtime (CLR)”.
Tcl for Windows CE

Tcl Hosting

IDEs, GUI Builders, Tools

IDEs & Editors with Tcl Support

  • The OpenSource IDE Andreas Sievers "ASED Tcl/Tk IDE", written in pure Tcl/Tk.
  • The OpenSource IDE “Eclipse” with “Dynamic Languages Toolkit” ( DLTK ) - See Software Development Tools.
  • The commercial IDE KomodoIDE by ActiveState.
  • The commercial IDE MyrmecoX.
  • The OpenSource IDE NetBeans.
    • NetBeans Plugins "Tcl Plugin" for Netbeans 7.2 - “Syntax Highlight, Create/Open Tcl Projects And Files, Run Tcl Files, Debugger”.
    • On Ubuntu 14.04, NetBeans 8.02 works properly with the plugin.
      • At “Options / Tcl”, the tclsh path is set for Linux ”/user/bin/tclsh” by default, properly.
      • The default “start.tcl” script is executed by
        >>> /usr/bin/tclsh
        % set ::tcl_interactive 1
        % % /usr/bin/tcls process exited with 0 status.
        Output window INACTIVE.
    • On Windows, the plugin doesn´t work both with NetBeans 8.02 and 7.4:
      • At “Options / Tcl”, the tclsh path is set for Linux ”/user/bin/tclsh”.
      • If you try to execute a Tcl script of a Tcl project, there is a modal error window with the message “Please set correct Tclsh path using Tools → Options Tcl tab.”.
        • The Tcl shell “Tclsh.exe” is installed on Windows at e.g “c:\Program Files\tcl\bin\Tclsh.exe”.
        • If you change this path to the location of the Tclsh.exe on Windows “c:/Program Files/tcl/bin/Tclsh.exe” ( or “c:/int/w32/develop/tcl/bin/tclsh.exe” on my machine ), Netbeans may execute Tclsh.exe.
          • Unfortunately, Tclsh aborts with the error message
            >>> c:/tcl/bin/tclsh.exe
            % set ::tcl_interactive 1
            % % wrong # args: should be "cd ?dirName?"
        • Netbeans may not call Tclsh.exe by the Linux settings and Windows Shortcuts.
          • Create the directory “C:\usr\bin”.
          • In this directory, create a symbolic link “tclsh.lnk” to the location of Tclsh, by Right-Mouseclick “New / Shortcut”.
            • By this, Tclsh may be called by COMMAND.COM by “\usr\bin\tclsh.lnk” from the same drive, and by “c:\usr\bin\tclsh.lnk” :-).
            • As Windows depends on file extensions, you may not call Tclsh by “\usr\bin\tclsh” :-(, after renaming “tclsh.lnk” to “tclsh”.
            • Netbeans does not accept to call Tclsh by “tclsh.lnk” after setting the tclpath to “c:/usr/bin/tclsh.lnk” - it still asks “Please set correct Tclsh path using Tools → Options Tcl tab.” :-(.
        • On Windows, setting the Tclsh path to an invalid path, may cause Netbeans to block the computer by a modal window which consumes all computing power ( so you can´t even switch to another Windows window to access the Windows task manager, so that you have to logout :-(.
  • The OpenSource IDE RamDebugger - “A debugger and IDE for TCL-TK”.
    • There are no line numbers visible at the editor pane. But you can see the line number of the cursor in the status line on the window bottom. Also you can see/go to line with Edit→Go to line (CTRL-G).

Editors with some Tcl Support ( for Highlighting,..)

GUI Building Tools & Interactive application Development Environment

GUI Editor Generated Code uses Namespace? Namepace Name?
SpecTcl and GUI Builder yes Basename of ”.ui” File
Visual Tcl by Stewart Allen no -

Free Online IDE

  • The free online service Steven Hazel "Codepad" - “Online compiler/interpreter ( for C, C++, D, Haskell, Lua, OCaml, PHP, Perl, Plain Text, Python, Ruby, Scheme, Tcl ) and a simple collaboration tool. Paste your code below, and codepad will run it and give you a short URL you can use to share it in chat or email”.




Examples of packaged Tcl/Tk Applications



Free Online Repositories


Applications, Frameworks, Libraries


Web Frameworks

For AOL Server

AOL Server
ArsDigita Community System" ( OpenACS )

For Apache Server

Web Frameworks

Tcl Web Server

Some other Network Frameworks


Some other Frameworks, Libraries

Big Tcl Applications

Big Applications with Tcl Interface

Tcl - The Language

Bad Rating

  • Tcler's Wiki "Perspecta", about Tcl 6.5 as of 1994 - “In Tcl, the programmer is forced to write such functions in C, negating some of the benefit of using Tcl in the first place. For example, the Perspecta Presents! slide-making program consists of ~29,000 lines of C code and only ~13,000 lines of Tcl code”.

Special Topics


Tcl Experts


Books about Tcl/TK

Books about Tkinter


Forums, Newsgroups

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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