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  • For software development of embedded realtime applications ( e.g. motor control ), you need to have monitor data in realtime.
    • It is not suitable to work with a software debugger which stops the CPU/MPU at a breakpoint, to set a variable of the embedded software. If you do so, you might ruin your connected hardware by a system crash caused by uncontrolled device operation ( e.g. of a motor, motor control electronics based on IGBT, Thyristors,... ).
    • Tracing is a useful development technology to monitor embedded data and especially MCU data in realtime.
      • The CPU core must support tracing ( e.g. ARM Cortex M3 supports tracing, ARM Cortex M0 doesn't support tracing ).
      • The physical CPU as produced by the chip manufacturer ( e.g. Atmel, Freescale, TI,..) must support tracing. Especially there must be the right pins at the chip package which support tracing.
      • The physical ( evaluation ) board must support tracing, i.e. the trace signal from the MPU pins must be available on the board at a debugging connector. There are many affordable embedded evaluation boards and embedded demo boards, especially giftware by the MCU chip manufacturers, which doen´t support tracing :-(.
      • The physical interface connector of the board and of the hardware debugger must support tracing. The traditional 2×7 JTAG interface doesn't support tracing :-(.
      • The hardware debugger must support tracing.
        • “J-Link”, “ST-LINK” and most other affordable hardware debuggers don´t support tracing :-(.
        • iSYSTEM "iC3000" supports tracing.

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