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[hemmerling] Electronic Design Automation ( EDA ) 3/5 - Design for Application-Specific Integrated Circuits ( ASIC ) - Design of digital Chips

FPGA Chip Design Languages

Low-Level descriptive parallel Modelling

Though the code looks like “Pascal” or “C”, it is not executed in this way.


PSHDL ( Plain Simple Hardware Description Language )

PSL ( Property Specification Language )



High-level imperative sequential Modelling - "FPGA Accelleration for Software Programmers"

The code looks like “C/C++” and is executed in this way.


  • Experts told me what is OpenCL for ALTERA, is the software framework of CUDA for NVIDIA. You may create “CUDA Applications” for NVIDIA ( graphics card ) platforms.


OpenCL by AMD ( formerly: ATI )
Tutorials, Sample Code & Addon Frameworks




FPGA Chip Manufacturers & its free FPGA Design Tools

Allwinner Technology


Lattice Semiconductor

The Company & it's FPGA Chips

Design Tools

Microsemi Corporation, a Microchip Company ( formerly: Actel )

The Company & it's FPGA Chips


Design Tools

    • Microsemi "Microsemi SoC Licensing" - “To obtain a FREE Libero Evaluation or Silver license, click the button below”.
      • Free 1 Year Licenses:
        • Libero Silver 1 Year Floating License for Windows/Linux.
        • Libero Silver 1 Year Node-lock License for Windows.
        • Synopsys Synphony Model Compiler ME. Requires MATLAB/Simulink from Mathworks.
      • PolarFire Seminar license for Windows PC ( 15-days trial ).
      • “Libero Silver, Evaluation, Gold, Platinum, and Standalone licenses. Libero Silver and Evaluation are FREE licenses that support most devices as shown in the following tables. All licenses serve Libero SoC PolarFire, Libero SoC and Libero IDE”.
      • On this HTML page, a table is published which explains the “Software License Requirements”, in detail.
    • Microsemi "How to obtain a Disk ID". If you apply for a free workshop, you must name your “Disk ID” to get a free license. On Windows, open a command shell ( COMMAND.COM, CMD.COM ), and type “Vol C:”. For my fat Win64 development notebook, I got:
C:\Users\Administrator>vol c:
 Datenträger in Laufwerk C: ist WIN1
 Volumeseriennummer: B6B0-3DA2

Hands-on Workshop "PolarFire FPGA Workshop", 2018-01-18

My TEM0001 Board shipped with a "SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA", by Trenz Electronic GmbH


Some other FPGA Chip Manufacturerers

  • QuickLogic Corp - “Customer Specific Standard Products ( CSSPs ), Customizable Semiconductors for Mobile Devices”.

Some other commercial EDA Tools

Code Coverage Tools & Lint Checkers for VHDL, Verilog

eDiViDe - Online Services for VHDL Development

Hardware Description Language Resources

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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