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[hemmerling] The Arduino / Freeduino Platform with Atmel ATmega, Microchip PIC, ARM, Freescale Coldfire

The Arduino Platform & the Arduino Project

    • IDEs
      • With the Arduino IDE for Windows and Linux, You can upload code to your target, too. No hardware debugger support within the IDE.
      • Arduino Web Editor - “Start coding online with the Arduino Web Editor, save your sketches in the cloud”.
    • Arduino "Examples" - Basic sample application with servo motor ( “Servo Library” ), network access with Ethernet shield ( “Ethernet Library” ), communications ( with a PC host computer running a Java application based on Processing ), analog and digital input and output,...

Software Development Systems for Arduino

Arduino Shields

  • Arduino Shield List - List of hardware extensions for Arduino boards.
  • An important design criteria & buying critera for me is “The shield can operate at 3.3V”, so that it might be ready for use with the Arduino boards with Microchip PIC CPU and forthcoming Arduino boards with ATxmega CPU.

Video Shields

Ethernet Shields


CAN-Bus Shield

Black & White LCD Graphics Display Shields

LCD Text Display Shields

  1. Mark Sproul LCD Shield - 2×16 or 4×20 displays.
  2. Freetronics 16x2 LCD Shield, 16×2 - “Use of pins D4-D9 was selected so that it doesn't interfere with pins required by other popular shields such as the Ethernet Shield, so you can stack this on top of other shields to give you a local display”.

Storage Shields

Interface / Relay Shields

Prototype Shields

Shields which provide Options for Integration of Third-Party Components

  1. DFRobot Interface Shield → LCD display, SD card.
  2. Luke Weston Pebble Shield → LCD text display,..#.
  3. Sparkfun ModKit MotoProto Shield → Sensors, motor, LCD display.
  4. Watterott mSD Shield → LCD display.

The Arduino Platform with "ARM" CPU

The Arduino Platform with "Atmel ATmega" CPU

Software for "Atmel ATmega" CPU


Free Tools

Commercial Tools

Target Frameworks

SDCard Slots on Ethernet and CAN-Bus Modules

Host Frameworks

Hardware with "Atmel ATmega" CPU


  • Support for hardware debugging: Look for a mounted male 6-pin connector with “ICSP” ( “In Circuit Serial Programming” ) next printed on the board.
  • Reset.
    • You may need to do a minor modification to the Arduino before you can use the “debugWire” protocol with Arduino and JTAGICE3. Some designs may already have the necessary jumper to enable/disable the capacitor on the RESET line.
    • With some boards, there is a 10K resitor between Reset and VCC. Experts say that this is ok for use with JTAGICE3 debugger.
  • Arduino Forum "Arduino ATmega2560 And AVR ONE!" → Instructions how to do connect JTAG debugger to Arduino ATmega2560 and how to do JTAG debugging with Atmel Studio 5.1 :-).
    • “The ICSP header is NOT the JTAG header. You'll have to pick the JTAG signals off of additional pins. The JTAG pins are shared with the a-d converter, so they should be reasonably accessible”.

The Arduino Platform with "Freescale Coldfire" CPU

The Arduino Platform with "Microchip PIC" CPU

The Arduino Platform with "Renesas RX63" CPU

The Arduino Platform with Atmel AVR8 or Z80ino CPU



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