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[hemmerling] Python 1/10

Platform Runtimes

The original Platform Runtime

Alternative Javascript-based Runtimes

Alternative Platform Runtimes

Alternative Desktop Platform Runtimes

Alternative Mobile Platform Runtimes



OpenSource Distributions

Commercial & free Distributions

The Tool
    • Call a fresh bash from terminal, with anaconda shell sript as parameter: “$ bash Anaconda-2.x.x-Linux-x86[_64].sh”.
    • The export of Anaconda to standard Python in the path is stored in “$home/.bashrc”.

Just-commercial Distributions


The Raspberry Platform


Python on Raspberry

Python on MSDOS, Windows

The original Python

Binary Packages for Windows

Python for Metro

Python for 386-DOS


Application Execution in Taint Mode


Free and OpenSource IDEs & IDE Plugins & GUI Designers

Project Setup & Project Distribution

Project Setup Tools

Project Distribution with "Python Distribution Utilities" ("Distutils"), "", "Easy Install"...

( Virtual ) Development Environments and Development Environment Installers







  • Ubuntusers Wiki "virtualenv" - “Seit Python 3.3 ist ein Modul zum Erzeugen einer virtuellen Pythonumgebung auch direkt Python enthalten, das Modul heißt venv”.


  • Virtualenv on Windows, Error message
    File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\", line 1576, in resolve_interpreter
        python_versions = get_installed_pythons()
      File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\", line 93, in get_installed_pythons
        path = winreg.QueryValue(python_core, "%s\\InstallPath" % ver)
    WindowsError: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified
  • The expected Windows registry structure is, according to “”, like this: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / Python / PythonCore / 2.7 / ...”.
  • On the special machine, a formerly installed Python 3.3 was not properly deinstalled, i.e. there was a Windows registry structure “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / Python / PythonCore / 3.3 / ...” but not all expected subdirectories of “3.3” were implemented, so that the parsing of the Windows registry failed.
  • Solution: Use the Windows tool “RegEdit” to delete the whole key of “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / Python / PythonCore / 3.3”.



Packaging / Testing / Release

Generation of executable Applications

Operating System Desktop Automation & Application Automation

Obfuscation Tools



Specification by Example Tools for Python

Continuous Integration ( CI ) Tools for Python

Development and Operations ( DevOps ) Tools for Python

Python Module Installers



  • Stack Overflow "pip issue installing almost any library" - “The easiest workaround is to downgrade pip to one that doesn't use SSL: easy_install pip==1.2.1. This loses you the security benefit of using SSL. The real solution is to use a Python distribution linked to a more recent SSL library”.
  • Warning: Once, on Windows, the default DNS server was set to an inproper value ( i.e. not to the IP of the “default gateway” = the local DSL router ). Though it looked as if most network functions worked, by this, “easy_install” failed to install anything, with the error message ( taking the fictive package “test” as example, it does not matter if the package really exists ):
Searching for test
easy_install : Download error on [Errno 11001] getaddrinfo failed -- Some 
packages may not be found!
Couldn't find index page for 'test' (maybe misspelled?)

Scanning index of all packages (this may take a while)
Download error on [Errno 11001] getaddrinfo failed -- Some packages may not be found!

No local packages or download links found for test

error: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('test')

Python Launchers


Compiler Tools

Tools & Frameworks

Python Code Obfuscation

Python's On-board Tools

Python Frameworks, Toolkits & Applications

Web Servers & Web Frameworks


Big Python Applications


NVDA Screen Reader


  • The just-commercial, but “OpenSource” business software Odoo. You get the sourcecode just as paying customer.


  • OpenStack - “Open-source software cloud computing platform. It is primarily deployed as an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution”.

Robot Framework


  • “Scapy” - “A powerful interactive packet manipulation program” ⇒ See Network Tools 1/2.

Big Applications built with Python Interface

Abaqus Unified FEA


CoDeSys Automation Alliance

  • 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH - CoDeSys Automation Alliance - “Skriptsprache Python in CODESYS V3. Ab CODESYS V3.4 SP3 können Sie Abläufe innerhalb von CODESYS automatisieren. Dazu wurde ein Runtime sowie eine Systembibliothek für Python integriert. In diesem Forum finden Sie allgemeine Hinweise und Beispiele, auf die Sie bei der Erstellung von Python-Skripts zugreifen können”.




  • RabbitMQ for Java, Python,.. - “Messaging that works”.

Sublime Text

The Editor
Plugin Development

Virtual Box


  • The only option to download and install the free SDK for Python is at “Help / SDK / Download Python SDK” in the “winIDEA Open” application :-), by which the download of e.g., is started.
  • According to iSYSTEM staff members in 2015-07, the Python SDK is the most requested SDK by the customers.
    • Due to this success, it is expected that this SDK will be available with further commercial and also free editions :-).
    • I was told by experts, that the number of shipped examples with the SDKs differs. As the Python SDK is so successful, it is shipped with the highest amount of example scripts.
  • Advice: Develop your scripts with Python 3.
    • Python 2.7 is still supported,
    • but the shipped examples were now converted to Python 3, lately.
  • The IDE “winIDEA” is shipped with “daqIDEA” ( “Data AcQuisition IDEA” ), a tool for graphic representation of large data sets acquired by winIDEA. See ”./daqIDEA/daqIDEA.docx”.

Interfacing the Real World


Static Testing - Source Code Checker

Dynamic Testing Tools

How-To-Do-Testing, Testing Instructions, Testing Training

Generation of executable Applications

Python Jobs, Trainings, Certifications, Projects

Commercial Certification for Python Skills

Zope, Django

  • In the early 2000ths, the only job offers in Germany for Python developers were about building websites & web applications using using Zope. Many/most processed projects were based on Plone, the most successfull application built with Zope. As the years passed by, a kind of “Zope” ecosystem was created, generating successful “Plone service providers”.
  • Since late 2000th / early 2010th, it might be that a similar ecosystem for “Django” is under construction.

Open List for ( unpaid,..) Projects

The Meaning of Python for Testing of ( Automotive ) Industry Applications

  • Job offer analysis ?
  • Case Studies ?
  • Popular Frameworks ?

Companies which are Python Specialists

Python Hosting


  • Heroku - “Cloud Application Platform”. “Write apps in your language – we support Ruby, Node.js, Clojure, Java, Python and Scala” → See Software As A Service ( SAAS ).


Some other Service Providers


Worldwide / USA


Forums, Newsgroups

Reference Customers & Killer Applications

  • Experts told me in 2021-06, about reference customers of Python as web framework: Spotify, Instagram.

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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