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[hemmerling] 80166 / 80C166 / 83C166 / C166 / C167 / XC167 / XE166 / ST10 Embedded Systems

Free Development Tools

    • “Currently backends (with different degree of maturity) exist for the following architectures: 680×0, Coldfire, PowerPC, 80×86 (386 and above), Alpha, C16x/ST10, 68hc12, z-machine”.
  1. The discontinued “GNU C /C++ Compiler Suite for C166”, for MSDOS, Windows and Linux hosts, by HighTec EDV-Systeme GmbH. The free “demo” version supports the “small” memory model only ( max. 64k code and data in segment 0 ).
  2. Rigel Corporation "16-Bit Software for the C166/ST10" - “Our online software with all of the help files, examples, and related text files may be used without fee by students, faculty and staff of academic institutions and by individuals for non-commercial use”.
  3. WE-MAN! 's Electro Stuff by WE-MAN / Stefan - “ - Hitex' simulator for the 80166”.

Free Operating Systems

Commercial Development Tools

CPU Resources



Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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