[hemmerling] Embedded Systems

Design of Embedded Systems

Free and affordable Multi-Platform Embedded Development Tools

Compiler & Assembler Tools


  • The generic and OpenSource machine emulator and virtualizer QEMU, Savannah "QEMU".
  • The OpenSource SkyEye, SourceForge "SkyEye", SourceForge "SkyEye" - “SkyEye is a very fast full system simulator which takes llvm as IR of dynmic compiled framework.. It can simulate series ARM, Coldfire, Mips, Powerpc, Sparc, x86 and Blackfin DSP Processor”.


  • Simtel - 8-bit emulators/simulators/virtual machines.
  • EMULATORS by Chris Salo.

6502 Platform

8080, 8085, Z80 Platform and Z8 Platform

Free, Legacy and Abandonware Tools

Free CPU Emulators and CP/M Operating System Simulators

  • Joan Riff's Z80MU PROFESSIONAL, a Z80 and CP/M 2.2 emulator, by Computerwise Consulting Services.
  • 22NICE, a CP/M emulator and 22DISK, a software for accessing disks in CP/M formats, by Sydex.
  • YAZE, a Z80 emulator. CP/M 3 for YAZE, a CP/M 3.0 distribution with a CBIOS including sources.
  • MyZ80, a Z80 and CP/M emulator ( Simtel "msdos / emulate / myz80111.zip" ).



Intel 8086 Platform


Free and Commercial 80x86 Assemblers


8051 Platform

80166, 80C166, 83C166, C166, C167, XC167, XE166, ST10 Platform

Intel Atom Platform

Intel Quark / Intel Galileo / Intel Edison / Intel 80486 & 80586 Platform

The Chip, the Boards

Where to buy

Simatic IOT2000, SIEMENS MindConnect Nano & SIEMENS MindSphere

Simatic IOT2000
SIEMENS MindConnect Nano & SIEMENS MindSphere


Altera Platform

Analog Devices Platform

ARM Platform

BASIC Stamp & Propeller Platforms

Software & Hardware


Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

PSoC 1

PSoC 3

PSoC 4 ( ARM Cortex M0 ), PSoC 5 ( ARM Cortex M3 ), PSoC 7 ( ARM Cortex M4 ) CPUs

Freescale / Motorola Platform

Freescale Semiconductor Inc. ( now merged with NXP )




Free Cross-Compilers for 68K

Commercial Cross-Compilers for 68K



Power Architecture / PowerPC

Pressure Sensors

Microchip Technology Inc.

Atmel Platform ( by Microchip Technology Inc. )

Microchip Platform - PIC Microcontrollers & dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers

Renesas Technology Platform

ST Microelectronics Platform

8 Bit

32 Bit

Texas Instruments Platform


Motor Drive & Control

Xilinx Platform

Chips & Boards

Quality Criteria of Chips & Boards

  • Does the board and the chips respectively are equipped with FIFO buffers or at least a buffer at all, for SPI and I2C interfaces ?
  • Is the chip designed to serve in CAN-Bus applications ? The application designers expect 5 Volts support by the CPU for simple CAN-Bus support.
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