[hemmerling] Distributed Computing on Automotive Networks, Car Electronics and Automotive Data Formats

Controller Area Network ( CAN )

My Hardware with CAN Interfaces

My BUSMASTER-compatible CAN-Bus Interface :-)

My Embedded System "Atmel AT32UC3C-EK" with CAN-Bus Interface :-)

CAN-Bus Interrogation Tools


EControls, Inc.

Intrepid Control Systems


CAN-Bus Development & Interrogation Tools


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Total Phase, Inc.


Vector Informatik GmbH

The virtual VectorAcademy
# E-learning module # of units Duration of a unit / minutes Total duration / minutes # of learning objectives tests
1 Serial Bus Systems in the Motor Vehicle 45 10 450 2
2 Introduction to CAN 22 10 220 4
3 Introduction to LIN 19 10 190 3
4 Introduction to FlexRay 29 10 290 2
Total 1150 11
Equivalent to university teaching units 25 45
# Search Path Documents / Downloads of special interest
Search Categories
programming -All Categories- “CANoe / CANalyzer” / “CAPL” / “Documentation” CAPL Function Reference Manual ( PDF )
06 Manual “Programming with CAPL. CANalyzer, CANoe” ( PDF )
# Products Categories Standards Documents / Downloads of special interest
01 ? ? ? CANalyzer and CANoe. An Architectural Overview ( PDF )
02 CANalyzer Application Notes ALL “AN-AND-1-110 Quick Introduction to CANalyzer” ( PDF ) - “The aim is to move first time users up the curve rapidly by focusing on the tool architecture and key operational features of CANalyzer”
04 ? ? ? AN-AND-1-112 CANoe Tutorial - “Since CANalyzer is used as a portion of the foundation for CANoe, it is quite beneficial to learn the basic features and operation of CANalyzer first before learning CANoe”
03 All Application Notes CAPL “AN-AND-1-113 Quick Introduction To CAPL” ( PDF ) - “This application note is a brief introduction to CAPL, the easy-to-use C-based programming language and integrated programming environment inside both CANalyzer and CANoe”
05 CANdb++ Application Notes ALL “AN-AND-1-116 CANdb++ Tutorial” ( PDF ) - “The objective is to provide a basic understanding of how the CANdb database is setup and utilized in a CAN system”
08 CANoe Application Notes CAN “AN-AND-1-118 CANoe Test Feature Set Tutorial” ( PDF ) - “Step-by-step tutorial to introduce the basic process of developing a simple CANoe test application with CANoe’s Test Feature Set. Used as a guide, the focus is to better understand how to use CANoe’s Test Feature Set”
07 CANoe Application Notes ALL “AN-IND-1-002 Testing with CANoe” ( PDF ) - “This application note describes the basic concepts of CANoe's Test Feature Set in detail”
# Products Categories Standards Documents / Downloads of special interest
09 CANoe Application Notes ALL “AN-AND-1-117 CANoe/CANalyzer as a COM server” - “This application note is a general introduction to the COM server functionality of CANoe and CANalyzer. It presents the basic technical aspects and possibilities, and explains these using Microsoft Visual Basic examples”
# Products Categories Standards Documents / Downloads of special interest
ALL Application Notes CANopen “AN-ION-1-0103 Protocol Selection Guide” ( PDF )
ALL Application Notes CANopen “AN-AND-1-160 Introduction to Higher Level Protocols” ( PDF )
ALL Application Notes CANopen “AN-ION-1-1100 Introduction to the CANopen Protocol” ( PDF )
ALL Application Notes CANopen “AN-AON-1-1102 Getting started with CANopen” ( PDF )
ALL Application Notes CANopen “AN-AON-1-1101 Introduction to the CANopen Documentation Family” ( PDF )
ALL Application Notes CANopen “AN-ION-1-1103 Master and Slave in the CANopen World” ( PDF )
ALL Application Notes CANopen “AN-ION-1-1104 Setting Baud Rate and Node IDs in a CANopen System” ( PDF )
ALL Application Notes CANopen “AN-ION-1-1201 Getting started with CANoe.CANopen” ( PDF )
Products Categories Standards Documents / Downloads of special interest
All Demos ALL “CANalyzer/CANoe 7.6” for WinXP, Vista, Win7 with .NET and DirectX - Select “CANalyze”, “CAN” during the first-time installation
“CANape 10.0” for WinXP, Vista, Win7
“CANdela Studio 6.0” for W2k, WinXP, Vista, Win7


CAN-Bus Diagnostics by Oscilloscopes

Digital Storage Oscilloscopes with CAN / LIN / Flexray Decoding

Suitable PC-based Oscilloscopes, but without Decoding :-(

Free CANalyser Applications as CAPL Source Code

Free CAN-related Software Frameworks, Stacks, Protocols

The OpenSource "SocketCAN" API for Linux

Some other free Frameworks, Stacks, Protocols

Commercial CAN-related Software Frameworks, Stacks

SECUduino - A CAN-Bus Project

Some other Interface Hardware

Some other BUSMASTER compatible PC Interfaces

Low-budget USB interfaces

PCI, USB & Ethernet Interfaces

Legacy ISA-BUS Interfaces

CAN Devices

CAN-Bus Chips, CPUs and Boards with CAN Interfaces

CAN-Bus Starter Kits

Virtual CAN Interface ( VCI )

Non-Automotive Industrial CAN-Bus Applications

Computer Multi Control (CMC) - CMC III
ICT Gateway
Remote Control with CAN-Bus Interface



ODB II Chips

      • “ICs are designed for use with vehicles that use one of the standard OBDII (On Board Diagnostics) protocols. Refer to the help > obd section to see if your car uses one of these protocols”.
      • “ELM327 - OBD to RS232 Interpreter (v1.4b)”.


Commercial ODB II Tools for Car Diagnostics.



Some other Automotive Busses

AUTOSAR ( AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture )

Automotive Data Formats


OpenSource Engine Management Software Frameworks & Stacks

Software Frameworks & Stacks

Communications between Car Devices with Databases on Host Computers by JSON over CAN-Bus


Books & Papers

Automotive Systems & Networks

AUTOSAR ( AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture )






Forums, Newsgroups

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