[hemmerling] Fieldbuses and Automation Networks

Automotive Networks and Data Formats

Automation Networks and Protocols

Internet 4.0 M2M Networks and Protocols


Constrained Application Protocol ( CoAP )

IoT Middleware

Data Distribution Services ( DDS )

Some other important IoT Middleware, according to VDC Research in 2014

  • AllJoyn.
  • CORBA.
  • DeviceHive.
  • Eclipse Kura.
  • Eclipse Mihini.
  • Eclipse Ponte.
  • Eclipse SCADA.
  • Eclipse SmartHome.
  • Eurotech Everywhere Software Framework (ESF).
  • Intel Common Connectivity Framework (CCF).
  • IPSO Alliance Web Objects.
  • Java ME Embedded.
  • Java SE Embedded.
  • OneM2M.
  • OSGi.
  • Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Device Management (DM).
  • OMA Lightweight Device Management (LWM2M).
  • Oracle Event Processing Embedded.
  • Samsung SAMI framework.

Some other important IoT/M2M Protocols, according to VDC Research in 2014

  • AllJoyn.
  • AMQP ( Advanced Message Queuing Protocol ).
  • CoAP ( Constrained Application Protocol ).
  • DDS ( Data Distribution Service ).
  • ETSI.
  • IFTTT.
  • MQTT.
  • OMA LWM2M ( Lightweight M2M ).
  • UDP/TCP ( User Datagram Protocol/Transmission Control Protocol ).
  • XDMF.
  • XMPP/REST ( Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol/Representational State Transfer ).

Some other "Libraries" for Embbbed Systems, according to VDC Research in 2014

Linux Distributions for Embedded Systems
Cloud Computing Platform

MQ Telemetry Transport ( MQTT )






Networks for Building Automation

Field Busses for Building Automation

Wireless Field Busses for Building Automation

Multimedia Systems and Busses for Building Automation

Sub Busses for Building Automation

Electric Metering

Field Buses für Eletric Metering

Data Formats & Data Protocols for Electric Meters

Protocols for Building Automation

Process Automation Networks and Protocols

IEC 61850, IEC 61850 MMS, IEC 61400-25


Tools and Servers

IEC 60870

Some other Process Automation Networks and Protocols

Electronic Busses for Embedded Systems

Electronic Busses in Devices

Protocols for Communication with Embedded Systems



The Framework
Firmata Application "Jonny Five"
Firmata Applications by Thomas Weinert

Implementation of Electronic Busses with Microcontrollers

  • Standad UARTs of microcontrollers are not suitable for implementation of PROFIBUS, MODBUS or other high-speed serial communication ( as a standard UART can't be configured to run with 12 Mhz bus clock speed ). You need specially designed devices ( on the microcontroller chip ) for such.


Events & Conferences


Forums, Newsgroups, Communities

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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