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Ubertesters Inc.

The Community


Steps how to participate in the "Hire Testers" Program

1. Signup

2. Connect Your Smartphone and Tablet Devices and install the Testing App

  • Ubertesters Inc. Dashboard "Beta" / Ubertesters Inc. Dashboard "Beta" for Mobile Devices- “Visit on your device”. Login website for registered testers ( also ) with smartphone devices.
  • My Experience:
    • The “Uebertesters.apk” is not available by a public Android appstore, but just by the website.
      • Usually, calling beta.ubertesters.com/m offers you the download. The download is stored at “Phone storage / MyFavorite / Download / Ubertesters.apk”.
      • With my Android 4.1.1 tablet, instead the iOS app was offered for download. I was able to install “Ubertesters.apk” by transfering the download from another smartphone for which the download was offered.

3. Instructions to confirm with your Skills

  • “To join the Ubertesters global community of professional testers and start testing projects with us. you should confirm your skills”.
  • “The practical task requires to select 2 applications from the list that we provide you with. Within 24 hours, you need to find and report 3 bugs in total and send us back the bug reports. The 24 hour time starts from the moment we send you an e-mail with the details”.
  • “In order to evaluate the knowledge of each tester who applies through Ubertesters we developed a complete evaluation process. One of the steps is the Practical test. Please install 2 applications from the list below, find 3 bugs within 24 hours and provide us with the bug reports”.
  • Bug reports should be sent in Excel file. Report should include:
    1. App name.
    2. Device / OS.
    3. Bug Summary.
    4. ISTQB Priority.
      1. High.
      2. Medium.
      3. Low.
      1. Critical.
      2. Major.
      3. Moderate.
      4. Minor.
      5. Cosmetic.
    5. Description (steps to reproduce); actual result, expected result.
    6. Workarounds (if any).
    7. Screenshots.
      • “As a tester you should also know that the majority of the Android devices get screenshots if you press Volume button+Power button. If it does not work you have to find this information in the internet”.
  • “Please note that we randomly selected real applications from the market, do not make any payments while testing”.

4. Applications for the practical Test Tasks, in 2015-08

5. Payment

  • I was told in a telephone call with staff members: Uebertesters pays per hours, for Germany salary at job start is $12/h.



  • uTest - “Software Testing Community”.
      • uTest - Invitations for Test Cycles - “The uTest Sandbox 101 is a program that provides newly registered (or currently unrated) uTesters with the opportunity to evaluate uTest, and likewise an opportunity for uTest to evaluate new uTesters. This involves participating in an unpaid 'audition' test cycle that closely mimics a regular, paid uTest test cycle”.
    • Relevant testing skills:
      • Functional.
        • API Testing.
        • Manual - Exploratory.
        • Manual - Test Case Execution.
        • Manual - Test Case Writing.
        • Test Automation - .Net.
        • Test Automation - Asp.
        • Test Automation - C#.
        • Test Automation - C++.
        • Test Automation - Flash.
        • Test Automation - Java.
        • Test Automation - JavaScript.
        • Test Automation - Objective-C.
        • Test Automation - Perl.
        • Test Automation - PHP.
        • Test Automation - Python.
        • Test Automation - Ruby.
        • Test Automation - VB.
      • Load & Performance.
        • .Net.
        • AppLoader.
        • Asp.
        • BrowserMob.
        • C#.
        • C++.
        • Flash.
        • Java.
        • JavaScript.
        • Jmeter.
        • LoadRunner.
        • Objective-C.
        • OpenSTA.
        • Perl.
        • PHP.
        • Python.
        • QTP.
        • Rational.
        • Ruby.
        • Selenium.
        • SilkPerformer.
        • SLAMD.
        • SOASTA.
        • TestComplete.
        • VB.
        • Visual Studio Load Test.
      • Usability.
        • Expert Usability Review.
        • Persona and use case script creation.
        • Survey creation.
        • Survey Data Analysis.
        • Usability planning/project design.
        • Usability report creation.
      • Security.
        • Dynamic security testing.
        • Manual Penetration testing.
        • Security Tools.
        • Static security testing.
      • Localization.
        • I18n testing.
        • L10n testing.
        • Professional translator/linguist.


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