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Network Operation

Free Webservers and Middleware Servers

Content Management Systems ( CMS )

Application Servers for Java

Enterprise Service Bus



  • The OpenSource Tellmatic - “The newsletter machine”, “Quality OpenSource Newsletter for your Business”.


Some other Webservers

HTTP Caches


Free Network File Systems and File System Server



Free POP3 Server

Free FTP Servers, FTP clients, Torrent Clients and Download Managers

Free FTP Servers, FTP Clients

  • FileZilla - OpenSource FTP client and FTP server for Windows #.
  • net2ftp - a free web based FTP client.
  • The free FTP server War FTP Daemon by Jarle Aase - “The original free FTP server for Windows”.
  • The commercial FTP client SmartSoft Ltd. "SmartFTP" for Windows.
  • The commercial FTP client and server “WS_FTP” by Ipswitch, Inc. ( - 2020-01-08 ) for Windows.
    • OldVersion "WS_FTP LE" - Classical free versions without serial numbers “WS_FTP LE 5.08, 32bit” & ”WS_FTP LE 6, 32bit:-).
    • CHIP "WS_FTP Lite" for Windows - Download of the latest free release “wsftpproLE12.3_English.exe”, but “Um 'WS_FTP LE' kostenlos nutzen zu können, müssen Sie sich kostenlos mit einer beliebigen E-Mail-Adresse beim Hersteller registrieren. Sie bekommen anschließend eine gültige Seriennummer per E-Mail zugeschickt” :-(.
  • The free Novell Netware “Netdrive”, a suitable alternative to the standard Novell “Netware Client” which can be used with “NetWare 6”, “NetWare 6.5”, “Novell Small Business Suite 6”, “Novell Small Business Suite 6.5”, “iFolder”, “iFolder 2.1” ! Search for download offers by Google, or download the newest ( beta ) release at Novell! Download of the current german version, for example, by FH Hannover, FH Hannover. Netdrive is the special free Novell version of South River Technologies "Webdrive".

Free Download Managers

Free Torrent Clients

  • The free Torrent client uTorrent for Windows.


Firewall Tools

As time goes by.. NTP Servers and NTP Clients

Free Services


Special Timezones


Internet IP posters & IP mapping services

IP Client Tools

IP Server Tools

IP Services

Some other Tools for Network Operation

Peer 2 Peer Networks

DNS Services

  • If you are at home with DSL / cable Internet access, usually, your DNS server should be the local router gateway, i.e. “”.
  • However, if the ISP's DNS server in the cloud is failing, have a try with Google's DNS servers “” & “”. Alternatively “”.
    • “Wie unten bereits beschrieben, hilft in diesem Fall den DNS Server umzustellen... Public DNS von Google: oder”.
    • “Habe DNS auf und als Alternative gestellt Läuft...”.

IP Services

Naming Services

Some other Network Services

Safe Network File Transfer on Windows


Background Intelligent Transfer Service ( BITS )

Network Analysis

Network Speed Monitoring

Network Protocol Analyzer ( Packet Sniffer )

Installable Network Protocol Analyser Tools

HTTP Protocol Analysers


Port Scanner

Port Scanner Tools
Port Scanner Online Services
  • The free fast online service SHODAN - Computer Search Engine - “Expose Online Devices. Webcams, Routers, PowerPlant, Iphones, Wind Turbines, Refrigerators, VoIP Phones”.

Packet Tools

Online Network Protocol Analyser Services

Load Tests


Website Analysis Tools

Website HTTP Request Infos

  • - Displays informations of a HTTP request to a website.

Link Checkers

Logfile Analysis


Cloud, Network and Datacenter Administration



Network Programming

Network Simulation

Online Tools for Design of cable-based Network Systems

Paper Magazines



Forums, Newsgroups

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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