[hemmerling] Low-Energy Design and Low-Energy Building Design

Norms, Concepts and Guidelines for Energy-Efficient Design

Thermal Design & Thermal Simulation of Buildings

Theory, Data and Calculation

Test Reference Years ( TRY )


Thermals Simulation and Calculation Tools


Visualisation & Supervision of Air Pollution & Loudness Polution in Urban Areas

Data Exchange Formats for Civil Engineering in Germany

Energy-efficient Control Systems

  • Controller for position control ( “Stellungsregler” ).
    • The legacy implementation: flapper-nozzle system ( “Düse-Prallplatte” ).
    • The state-of-art energy-efficient implementation: Electro-pneumatics controllers.

Calculation Tools

Calculation Tools for Energy and Power Tax

Calculation Tools for Energy Saving


Forums, Newsgroups

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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