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Simulation Tools

Tools for Continuous and Discrete Simulation

Free unlimited Tools

  • Bengt Mårtensson "Gnans" - “A program (and language) for the numerical study of deterministic and stochastic dynamical systems. The dynamical systems may evolve in continuous or discrete time”.

Continuous Simulation Tools

Free unlimited Tools

Commercial Tools, sometimes with free limited Editions

    • Simulation of kinematics and dynamics of planar and spatial mechanical system.
    • There is a free demo version with the limits: No more than five bodies, five joints and five forces of each type are supported. With registration, the demo version expires after 3 months.

Commercial and Academic Tools for Control Theory

  1. “WinDORA” / “DORA für Windows”.

Discrete Simulation

Free unlimited Tools

  1. The free UCLA Parallel Computing Laboratory "Parallel Simulation Environment for Complex Systems ( PARSEC )" - “A C-based simulation language, developed by the Parallel Computing Laboratory at UCLA, for sequential and parallel execution of discrete-event simulation models. It can also be used as a parallel programming language”.
  2. The free “SimWiz” by LinkedIn "Moshe Cohen".

Commercial Tools, sometimes with free limited Editions

    • “Traffic and Queuing Software”.
    • “The Erlang-G program is a utility of use in the Voice, Call Center, or Packetized Data Network industries, to help model traffic blockage (loss), and/or delays”.
  1. “Extend” and “Extend LT”.
  2. General Purpose Simulation System ( GPSS ) based software - discrete simulation software.
  3. “Global Mobile Information Systems Simulation Library” ( “GloMoSim” ) / “QualNet”.
  4. “Plant Simulation” ( formerly “eM-Plant” ).
    • Discrete-event simulation tool that also allows modeling of continuous processes.
    • A special affordable, but not free limited student version is available on CD ! → ProModel Corporation - Academic.
  1. CODEWORK Italia "SCHEDULA " - “A general purpose package for the discrete simulation of cascaded activities (as in shop floor simulation)”.
    • CACI SIMPROCESS - “Business Process Management Software”, “Modeling & Simulation”.
    • CACI SIMSCRIPT - “Modeling & Simulation Software”.
      • “32-bit SIMSCRIPT III trial version contains all the features as 32-bit SIMSCRIPT III Release 2 Standard version, except for the number of processes and process methods that can be activated. It is suitable for learning the product”.
  2. The “Taylor” simulation family, based on the work of “F&H Simulations”: Simulation of manufacturing, logistics, material handling and administration.
    • The commercial simulation software Lanner "WITNESS" - Business simulation system.
    • Once, there was a free limited “WITNESS 2006 Educational” alias “Witness XA, WIN Release”. By special personal request, it was distributed to students on CD, for free. Nowadays, please ask for a current release !

Commercial Tools for Visual Plant Configuration and Simulation

  • plavis GmbH "visTABLE" - Software to be used with to touch screens and touch screen tables. “Vom Wertstrom zur 3D Fabrik”.

Free Libraries, no GUI, you must write C++ or Java Code

Commercial Libraries, no GUI, you must write C++ or Java Code

  • Mesquite CSIM20 for Java and C/C++.
    • Mesquite "Student Version Limitations" - A special affordable, but not free student version is available for download.
    • A process-oriented, general purpose simulation toolkit written with general C/C++ language functions, for Windows, Linux, MacOSX.
    • “An extensible, modular, component-based C++ simulation library and framework, primarily for building network simulators”.
    • “Package for Windows contains the MinGW C++ compiler”.
    • EN.Wikipedia "OMNeT++", DE.Wikipedia "OMNeT++" - “The software is licensed under the its own Academic Public License, which allows GNU Public License-like freedom but only in noncommercial settings”.
    • “Poses++ is free available software containing a licence threshold of 500 modelling elements. In case you want to handle larger models and you want to purchase licence entries, we would like to submit you an offer”.





State Diagrams

Free State Diagrams Tools

State Diagrams Tools with commercial and OpenSource License

The Tool


PackML, PackTags

Model Checkers, State Model Checkers, Verification

    • “Am integrated tool environment for modeling, validation and verification of real-time systems modeled as networks of timed automata, extended with data types (bounded integers, arrays, etc.)”.
    • Commercial and academic licenses.

Some other free Tools

Commercial State Diagrams Tools



Some other Simulation Tools

  • The OpenSource SCIRun for Windows and Linux - “A Problem Solving Environment (PSE), for modeling, simulation and visualization of scientific problems”.
  • The commercial GoldSim “Monte Carlo Simulation Software for Decision and Risk Analysis”.

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