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  • [sip.html|Telephony by the “Session Initiation Protocol” ( SIP )]].

General Voice Over IP Resources

Open Voice Over IP Protocols

World Time

Internet Messenger / Telephone / Videophone Clients

  • “SkypeLogView” asks for and detects automatically the Skype user directory on Window:
    • Yahoo Messenger - Build number of the current release ( e.g. “Click Download Now to begin downloading and installing Yahoo! Messenger 11.5 ver.” ).
    • Yahoo Messenger is the latest release for W2k ( and maybe even for Win98SE ).
    • Yahoo Messenger is the latest release for computers with PentiumIII CPUs, for Win7. Yahoo discontinues it's services with this version as of 2016-08-30 :-(.
    • The new “Yahoo Messenger 0.8.109” ( of 2016 ) may just be operated on computers with PentiumIV CPUs on Win7 / Win8 / Win10,...
    • “Yahoo! Messenger for the Web service”.
      • Free calls to 1-800 telephone numbers of the US telephone grid.
      • Free phone-in telephone number in USA, UK, France.


SMS Messenger Software

Google Talk, Google Voice

MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft Office Communicator

Windows Live

Windows Messenger

Microsoft Office Communicator

Internet Audio Conferencing Systems

Internet Audio and Video Conferencing Systems

Webcast, Webinar and Online Conference Services

Webcam Services

Webcam Services and Webcam Software

Peer-2-Peer (P2P) Networks

  • Pango -free P2P network software.

Internet Location Server ( ILS ) & User Location Service ( ULS )

  • VideoFrog - NetMeeting Server Directory, Cu-SeeMe Reflector Directory.

Telephone Servers for POT and VoIP

Telephone Number Databases - Telephone Books

Chat & Internet Relay Services, Internet Relay Clients ( IRC )

Telephony Services

Forums, Newsgroups

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