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Windows Mobile

Windows Phone Features

  • Isolated Storage, no file system.
  • Internet by HTTP, HTTPS.
  • Developer Account at “App Hub” necessary, for testing on your real device ( up to 3 devices with 1 account ).
  • Synchronization of E-Mails and data just by cloud services and Exchange 2010 server / Sharepoint 2010 server.
  • Synchronization of Music, Videos by ZUNE.
  • Serialization of data for storage is necesary as action in case of application suspending or stop of application.
  • Before a third-party application is published on “App Hub”, Micrsoft does a software validation in the form of an application stress test.
  • You may transfer a beta software from one developer phone to another developer phone. Each developer phone requires a developer account at “App Hub”.

Windows Phone Development Tools

  1. Microsoft Expression Blend.
  2. Microsoft Visual C# 2010.
  3. XNA Game Studio.
  4. Zune.

Online Tools

Cloud Services for Windows Phone

Legacy Windows Mobile 6.x

Add-on Services


Paper Magazines

Howto develop and promote Apps

How to include third-party Ads in your App

Windows Phone Developers - They know how to develop and promote Apps


Forums, Newsgroups

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