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[hemmerling] Java & Java Platform Languages 4/5 - Java on Embedded Systems & Machine-Specific APIs

Java Opcodes

Opcode Lists


Java CPUs



The Company


Atmel Hardware for IS2T Runtimes

ST Hardware for IS2T Runtimes

Freescale Hardware for IS2T Runtimes

    • “With JAKARTA you will able to evaluate various hardware technologies relevant to HMI, including the exciting IS2T MicroEJ Embedded User Interface, the first Java virtual machine for the Freescale Kinetis L (ARM Cortex-M0+). Lightweight and low cost!”.
    • “With around 28kB of non-volatile memory, IS2T MicroEJ for Freescale Kinetis L uses only 11% of the Freescale KL46 flash memory (and the MCU cost) for the huge advantage that Java can bring to your next project. JARKATA also provides various hardware technologies like OLED display, haptic feedback, sensors and many more”.



Oracle Platform

Officially supported Boards

Some other Boards


Java Frameworks and IDEs for Embedded Systems


Native Interfaces for Java

Java Native Interface ( JNI )

The Interface

A special Suggestion how to debug JNI Applications

How to debug JNI Applications
  • If you want to develop JNI applications with Windows DLLs, on Linux:
    • The Java classloader takes notice, that the DLLs are not available and so won´t load the application.
  • If you mock the DLLs by ASM / BLC, by overwriting the Java Interfaces from “native public” to “public”, an empty body is kept, which the Java classloader may load :-).

Panama - The planned Successor of JNI

LeJOS - Java for Lego Mindstorms

"Sun SPOT" Hardware

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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