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[hemmerling] Java & Java Platform Languages 5/5 - Java IDEs and other Java Development Tools

Free IDEs


  • BlueJ - “The interactive Java environment”.



  • “JBuilder Foundation” & “JBuilder Personal” & “Turbo JBuilder” by Borland / Inprise Corporation / Borland / CodeGear / Embarcadero Technologies - free legacy Java IDEs.
    • Embarcadero JBuilder - no free editions anymore.
    • JBuilder2005 Foundation.
      • is the latest free traditional JBuilder edition.
        • JBuilder2006 Foundation was just available as timeout version of JBuilder2006 Enterprise.
        • JBuilder2007 and JBuilder2008 are based on Eclipse and doesn't include the traditional GUI editor.
      • does not require a serial number ( in opposite to earlier and later releases )
      • can be installed on Windows 7 with W2k compatibility settings, but does not execute even with W2k compatibility settings.
      • doesn't install on Windows 8, even with WinXPSP2 compatibility settings.
    • Embarcadero Technologies Forums "How can I change the compiler that JBuilder uses to compile Java files?" - “Regardless of the target JDK in use, JBuilder always uses Borland's own Java compiler”, “JBuilder's JDK switching feature controls the runtime environment for your project and provides the dependent JDK libraries for compilation but does not change the compiler in use” :-(.

JCreator Lite

IntelliJ IDEA


  1. Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering at Auburn University "jGRASP" - “An Integrated Development Environment with Visualizations for Improving Software Comprehensibility”.

NetBeans / Apache NetBeans

The Tool


  • NetBeans is using ANT as make/build tool.
  • Editor autocomplete “CTRL”+“SPACE”.
    • In JSP documents, iF you enter “CTRL”+“SPACE” inside an empty ”<% %>” element, you get a list of all base objects, which are available for JSF pages, e.g. “request”, “response”, “session”, “application” ( of type “ServletContext”, for “context” methods ).


The Bean Builder


GUI Builders

Recommended free GUI Builders

Free GUI Builders

Recommended Commercial GUI Builders


  • Experts told me, that most / all GUI editors for Java don´t support “reactive design”, i.e. they are not vector-oriented, they don´t support scaling, but are based on pixel design.

Obsfusication for Java and .NET

Java Decompiler



Some other Development Tools

Some other Operation Tools

  • inspectIT Ocelot - “powered by NOVATEC ( Novatec Consulting GmbH )”, “Unlocking observability for your Java monitoring. A zero-configuration Java agent for collecting performance, tracing and business data from your application”.

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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