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[hemmerling] Texas Instruments "MSP430" & "eZ430-Chronos"


MSP430 LaunchPad

Wolverine MSP430 Launch Pad

  • Texas Instrunments “Wolverine MSP430 FR 58xx” Chip, while XX = 64 → 64 Kbytes FRAM, 128 → 128 Kbytes FRAM.
  • With FRAM, suitable for data logging ( with the restriction of memory of 64KBytes FRAM or 128KBytes FRAM ( for such porposes ).
  • Hardware:
    • Wolverine MSP430 Launchpad ( expected in 2013/Q2 )
    • Wolverine Experimental Kit ( available in 2012-12. An external JTAG emulator is necessay for debugging ).

MSP430 Solar Energy Harvesting Development Tool

Texas Instruments - MSP430 Resources

OpenSource Arduino-based IDE with unlimited GNU-C Compiler for Texas Instruments Launchpads

Free IDE, with limited TI Compiler & unlimited GNU Compiler for MSP430

  • Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio (CCStudio) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - “Use CCS for free - By default when you install Code Composer Studio a free license..., MSP430 with 16KB code size limit when using the TI compiler and MSP430 with no limit when using GCC”
    • The free but codesize-limited TI MSP430 compiler.
      • It can handle traditional Kernighan & Ritchie C ( K&R C ) code :-).
      • It is shipped with a free MISRA-C 2004 checker :-).
    • The free unlimited GCC compiler for MSP430.
      • Neither the installation wizzard of “CCStudio 5” nor of “CCStudio 6” offers the installation of the unlimited C/C++ compiler “GCC” for MSP430.
      • “CCStudio 6”:
      • “CCStudio 5” - There is no “CCS App Center” :-(.
  • “CCStudio 5.5.0” ist the latest IDE for host computers with Pentium III 80×86 CPU.
  • “CCStudio 6.0.1” and newer is just for host computers with 80×86 CPU which supports the SSE2 instruction set. The installation of “CCStudio 6.0.1” hangs on computers with CPUs whico don´t support the SSE2 instruction set :-(:
    • TI e2e Community "CCSv6 freezes during installation" - “AMD Athlon XP 2600+”. “The processor you are using does not support the SSE2 instruction set. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this issue other than to use a newer computer”.
    • I got the same issue with my Athlon XP2800 computer, it hangs after this installation message:
      Installing com.ti.ccstudio.targetdb.props.default.win32...
      Unzipping <installation directory>/ccsv6/eclipse/downloads/
      com.ti.ccstudio.targetdb.props.default.win32 installed
      Registering new target content products

Some other free MSP430 Software Development Systems, Compilers

Commercial MSP430 Software Development Systems, Compilers

Free Operating Systems

Third-Party MSP430 Resources

MSP430 Reference Application


ez430 Chronos Hardware

Texas Instruments - eZ430-Chronos Resources

eZ430-Chronos Installation

  1. eZ430-Chronos Installer √.
    • “We have detected that you have User Access Control enabled in your Windows environment. User Access Control imposes restrictions that may result in unpredicatable results during the installation of this product. It is recommended that you turn User Access Control off before proceeding. You can turn User Access Control on after installation is complete”.
    • Code Composer Studiu V4 Setup: “Subset of the Microcontroller Edition supporting MSP430. A 16KB object code size limit is in place”.
  2. IAR Systems - “IAR Embedded Workbench IDE” √.
    • Kickstart Development Tools for the ULTRA LOW-POWER MICROCONTROLLER MSP430. This edition is limited to 4KB object ccde.
  3. Test of the device and the communication with the PC.
    1. Manual operation of the device, i.e. pressing the “*” and ”#” keys so that the display changes according to the selected modes and functions √.
    2. Manual configuration of the device, i.e. setting the time √.
    3. Remote communication between the device and a Windows computer, i.e. reading from the device, setting data on the device.

Third-Party eZ430-Chronos Resources

MSP430 Tips

How to move a project with Code Composer Studio v5 ?

  • How to proceed:
    1. Open Code Composer Studio.
    2. Copy the project to a different name, by selecting a project with the mouse ( so that it becomes the “active” project ) and then executing the menu options “Edit / Copy” and “Edit / Paste” ( Instead, with Code Composer Studio 4, the menu option “Edit / Paste” is disabled after executing a “Edit / Copy” menu option with a project :-( ).
    3. Rename the copied project to the wanted name, by selecting the project name in the explorer, do a mouse-rightclick so that a menu opens. Select the menu option “Rename”.
    4. Close Code Composer Studio.
    5. Copy the directory to the target Windows computer, into the future workspace directory.
    6. Call Code Composer Studio on this computer.
    7. Execute the menu option “Project / Import Existing CCS/CCE Eclipse Project”.
    8. Let point the “Select search-directory” browser to your workspace directory, in which the project directory was placed.
    9. See that the project directory is displayed in the window section “Discovered projects:”.
    10. Select the project(s).
    11. Press the “Finish” button.
  • In opposite, renaming the project directory on Windows Desktop causes trouble:
    • Projects of such copied project directories are invisible to the user of Code Composer Studio.
    • If you try to import such projects by the menu option “Project / Import Existing CCS/CCE Eclipse Project”, Code Composer Studio often refuses to import, by creating error messages.

MSP430 Emulations

Online MSP430 Emulations

MSP430 Emulation Software



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