[hemmerling] Electric Units & Electronics 2/3 - Actors, Sensors, Embedded Systems Electronics and suitable Control Systems

Actors & Output Devices


The Graphics Chip

The USB to SPI Cable - The "PC Starterkit"

Boards with FTDI Eve

  • Glyn “EVBMB9B520EVEVE” board.
    • With Spansion MB9BF524K, ARM M3 core 256K bytes Flash, 32KByte Working Flash, 32KBytes RAM.
    • With interface to Glyn “EVBEVEFT800”.
  • Glyn “EVBEVEFT800” board.
    • With graphics chip FTDI FT800.
    • With interface to resistive touch controllers.
  • Resistive touch display by Emerging Display Technologies ( EDT ), WQVGA ( 480 x 272 ).
  • The graphics chip, board and display are designed to be used in “landscape” mode only ( not in “portrait” mode ). There are just ASCII characters ( 0..127 ) for “landscape” mode available.
  • Access to pixels:
    • With traditional graphics controllers, there are 5 - 6 layers, and you may set every pixel of every layer.
    • With FT800, you can´t easily set a single pixel.
  • The graphics demo videos look as if the vidoes are not recorded by an external cam, but by transfering images back to a host... True?!
  • Example code:
    • The FT800 software examples by FTDI are mostly in C++ ( and not just C ), sometimes just working with Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++ compiler.. true?!
    • The FT800 software examples by Glyn are in “C” and kept as simple s possible.
  • Tool support:
    • iSystems WinIDEA already support “Spansion MB9BF524K” and will make the Glyn “EVBMB9B520EVEVE” board selectable as target option.
    • The newest version of Spansion's “USB wizzard” application already supports the ARM board, so that the wizzard may create a working USB driver.
  • Installation tips:
    • Please install Seggert JLink without “virtual COM port”.
    • The CPU is “MB9BF524K”.
    • You may flash the ARM board directly by USB, without having attachted the TFT display nor the FT800 controller board.
      • “Project settings / Customize”:
        • Path: “$(CMPDIR)bin\arm-none-eabi-objcopy.exe”.
        • Commandline: ”–output-target=srec $(IRFDIR)\Debug\template.elf $(IRFDIR)\Debug\template.srec”.
      • The hex file is in the “Debug” directory, e.g. “template.srec”.
      • You have to set the red jumpber on JP4 on the ARM board.
      • Connect the ARM board with the USB cable.
      • The ARM board goes into USB device modus.
      • A virtual COM port must be installed once, a driver is at the FT800 workshop software directory “Software\Spansion\USBDIRECT-V01L10”.
Gameduino 2
Resitive Pencils

Some other Displays

Motor Control


Brushless Motor Devices ( named by TI, for use with their Motor Control Evaluation Boards )

Brushless Motor Devices ( named by Spansion Inc., for use with their Motor Control Evaluation Board )

Some other Motor Devices


Motors Control Sytems

Motor Control Kits


Control Theory
Motor Control

Motor Control & Motor Control with Pulse-Width Modulatio ( PWM )

Sound / Speaker Devices



CAMIF ( Camera Interface )

Image Sensors

MCUs with Camera Interfaces & Evaluation Boards

Camera Serial Interface

LVDS Camera Serial Interface
MIPI Camera Serial Interface
Parallel Camera Serial Interface

Infrared Cameras

Gyroscope, Accelerometers, Magnetometer

Kalman Software


Particulate Matter / Dust Sensor, Temperature-Humidity Sensor

Some other Sensors

Network Chips

20mA / HART


USB Chips



Inductance to Digital Converter

The Chip

My LDC1000EVM Evaluation Module

Hardware Interfaces

Bidirectional 5V Interfaces for 3.3V Microcontrollers


Peripheral Modules ( Pmods )

PIXI - Programmable Mixed-Signal I/O Technology

The Technology

MAX11300. PIXI, 20-Port Programmable Mixed-Signal I/O with 12-Bit ADC, 12-Bit DAC, Analog Switches, and GPIO


Data Sheets & Application Notes



Some other Electronics


Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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