[hemmerling] Requirements & Requirements Engineering

Organizations and Conferences


Conferences and User Meetings

Product Requirements Document, Functional Specification

VDI 2519, VDI 3694, VDI 4403

IEEE 830-1998

Helmut Balzert


DIN 69901-5

User Requirements Specification ( URS ) - Lastenheft

Function Requirements Specification ( FRS ) - Pflichtenheft



Agile Literature

Classical Literature

Training and Certification

Special Topics

User Requirements Notation ( URN )

Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules ( SBVR )

Stories as Base for Requirements

Story Maps for Agile Development
Story Slicing
Story Telling - 7 Story Archetypes
User Case 2.0 - The Best-of-Breed of Story Maps & Story Slicing

Min Max Specification vs. Typcial Parameters, for Embedded Systems Software

  • Traditionally: A demand for a “Min Max Specification” for all input parameters.
  • New approach: Specification of typical parameters.




General Resources

Communities, Forum, Newsgroups

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