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[hemmerling] Creativity & Idea Management


Entertainment & Fun

Tools & Methology

6 Steps for systematic Idea Generation

Adaptierbares Instrumentarium für die strategische Produktplanung ( ADISTRA )

Design Thinking

Communities and Experts


Community Events with actual "Design Thinking" Jams & Workshops

"Maybe" - Community Events where "Design Thinking" Jams & Workshops might happen(ed)

Limits and Restrictions


Morphological Analysis


  • DE.Wikipedia "SCAMPER" - “Substitute”, “Combine”, “Adapt”, “Modify”, “Put”, “Eliminate”, “Reverse”.

TRIZ ( Teoria Reshenija Izobretatjelskich Zadacz ) / TIPS ( Theory of Inventive Problem Solving ) by Genrich Altshuller



Related Tools & Methologies


Information Management, taking Learning, Blended Learning & eLearning as Example

Marketing / Guerilla Marketing ( "Ideas beat Money" ) - Promotion of Ideas and/or by Ideas

Requirements Engineering

Design Principles

Jugaad, Frugal Engineering / Gandhian Engineering, KISS principle

Business Startup Model "Lean Startup"

Swiss Army Knife

Eierlegende Wollmilchsau

The Process of Innovation(s)

Traditional Innovation

Reverse Innovation from Developing Countries to Developed Countries

Idea Generation


International Open Idea Platforms

International Open Idea Market Platforms

Idea Management at Companies

Software for Idea Management

One-Way Idea Collection Platforms for Patent Generation. Commercial German Innovation & Idea Management


Some Notes on Idea Management

  • There are 2 kinds of ideas.
    • Just the plain idea as “idea itself”, without application, without suggested use in an application.
    • An idea which solves a problem. But mostly the idea creators are just customers and not managers / politicians, so they are not able to change the world, at the source of the problem ( e.g. at the company which produces the product which might be improved,.. ).
  • In most cases, the idea creator has no “problem” that his/her idea is not implemented.... especially not he/she has no benefit if the idea is exploited... and so his/her intellectual property is just stolen.
  • The real problems of companies are such specific, that an ordinary owner of an idea can't solve, ususally.
  • Indeed, just browsing third-party ideas might help companies to solve problems. But as this browsing of ideas is adoption of ideas, this does not cause any payment duty - the reader of the third-party ideas just gets another idea, and thats the application idea which solves the application problem ( same applies to “benchmarking” of companies of different industries ).
  • The world is full of useful patents which are not used commercially by creating products & services....:-( and nobody cares about this :-).

Sample Ideas & Sample Documentation of an Idea Generation Process


Brain Teasers




Design Thinking

Open Innovation

Reverse Innovation

TRIZ ( Teoria Reshenija Izobretatjelskich Zadacz ) / TIPS ( Theory of Inventive Problem Solving ) by Genrich Altshuller

German Books

English Books


Forums, Newsgroups

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