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Design Principles

Design Prinicples in German Language, with Relation to Internet-of-Things ( IoT )

  1. Einfachheit.
    • User - Task - Context.
    • Genug Knöpfe.
  2. Gestaltungsgesetz.
    1. Nähe.
    2. Geschlossenheit.
    3. Erfahrung.
  3. Sichtbarkeit und Feedback.
  4. Natürliche Abbildungen.
  5. Sprache der Benutzer.
  6. Keine Überraschungen.
  7. Dialog statt Monolog.
  8. Fehlertoleranz.
  9. Visuelles Design.
  10. Vertikales Design.


Gulf of Execution & Gulf of Evaluation

Experts for User Interfaces ( UI )

Software Design

Achromatopsia ( Colorblindness )

Desktop vs. Browser vs. Touchscreen

Responsive web design

Mouse Right Click

  • The “Mouse Right Click” user interface element is usual for software desktop applications, but not usual with browser applications ( though by Javascript it is possible to create it ).
  • But with touchscreens of tablets and smartphones, there is no mouse and so no “Mouse Right Click” anymore. So therefore it is advised not to introduce “Mouse Right Click” with applications which might be used on such devices, e.g. mobile applications.


Localization / Multi-Language Support

Power of Ten Principle ( 0.1s, 1s, 10s )

Rapid Software Application and GUI Prototyping

Three-Click Rule



Forums, Newsgroups

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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