[hemmerling] SIS630 Computers 1/4 - The Clevo 2700c Notebook Family

My Clevo 2700c Notebook

  • I bought my “Clevo 2700c” notebook, branded as ”Baycom Worldbook” notebook, at ATELCO Computer. Later, tronic'5 was using the trademark “Baycom”, in Germany.
  • It was a premature budget decision to buy this notebook. With a little more money, I might have bought a notebook of DELL - with a longer guarantee / warrenty period, better support, a bigger display, better technical data and better performance when running LINUX. How about you ?

The Clevo 2700c Notebook Family

  • A note about Clevo. I was told, that there was a sort of discontinuity in 1999 or so. The old company Clevo was closed down, but the name was assigned to a new company which continued business. Must be very easy in Taiwan...
  • The Clevo 2700c / 2200c, 2700s / 2200s and Clevo 2700t / 2200t notebooks are sister models. The single differences:
    • The 2700c / 2200c models have a non-mobile CPU, SIS630S chipset, S-Video (“TV”) output, a standard parallel printer port and a standard PCI 1394 firewire interface. They haven't any serial RS-232 interface ( “COM1” ).
    • The 2700s / 2200s models have a mobile CPU, SIS630S chipset, a standard parallel printer port and a serial RS-232 interface ( “COM1” ). They have no S-Video (“TV”) output and are not equipped with a standard PCI 1394 firewire interface.
    • The 2700t / 2200t models are like the 2700c / 2200c models, but are equipped with a SIS630ST chipset.
    • 2700 models differ from 2200 modells by the case color ! Tell me if you know about other differences!
  • Clevo once offered drivers and both user manuals and technical for free download, by FTP ( FTP "ftp.clevo.com.tw" ).

Hardware of / for the Clevo 2700c Notebook Family

Drivers Collections - Download Offers

Graphics Card

  • Silicon Integrated Systems Corp ( SIS ) offers once Win95/98 and W2K drivers for graphics cards with SIS630S chipset for free download.
      • “WinXP”, “IGP Graphics Drivers”, “SiS630 & SiS730 series”.
      • “Windows 2000”, “IGP Graphics Drivers”, “SiS630 & SiS730 series”.
      • “Windows 98SE”, “IGP Graphics Drivers”, “SiS630 & SiS730 series”.




TV Output & Audio Output

Remote Control

Windows on Notebooks with SIS630 / SIS630S / SIS630ST Chipset

  • Win98SE works fine and stable on my notebook. The driver CD claims complete to provide W2K support, too ( untested ).
  • Installation note: The file “sis630.cat” is located on the driver CD at “Z:\video\win2000\win2000\sis630.cat” but not at “Z:\video\win9x\” nore at “Z:\video\win9x\german\”.
  • Installation advice: Please copy the LAN and AUDIO driver directory from the driver CD onto the harddisk, so that concurrent access both to the driver files and the original WIN98 CD is possible - else you risk a failure of the installation process.
  • Installation advice by André Ballentin: Please install the sound card prior to the modem !
  • For my notebook with SiS630S chipset, the utility SISIDE.EXE of the archive “W2kdma.exe”, which was once available at SiS, helps changing the SiS IDE controller running in PIO mode to run in DMA mode under Win95/98 and W2K.


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