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[hemmerling] Starting a Business in Namibia ( Startup Business in Nambia ) 1/2

Namibian People from Point of view of Marketing

  • What is important for the people of Namibia? A resident told me about their media contents interests “The Boers probably mostly listen to 'Kosmos' radio anyway. The Germans have certainly saved 'Hitradio' radio, and possibly 'NBC FunkHaus' radio. For the majority of the Namibian population, music is the most important thing, followed by religious sermons. Only a small proportion are interested in politics and business if they are not directly affected”.
  • “Unreliability is something completely normal here, reliability is the exception rather than the rule. A lot is forgiven”.

Invoice, Credit Note & Debit Note of a Namibia limited liability company (LLC)

Sample Invoice

  • The most important contents of an invoice:
    1. Date of invoice. Suggestion to use ISO dates, i.e. 2022-11-24.
    2. A unique, increasing invoice number.
    3. Company.
      1. Name, postal address.
      2. Useful: Phone number, e-mail, website.
      3. VAT identification number of the company.
    4. Customer.
      1. name, postal address.
      2. Optional: E-mail.
    5. Detailed describtion of the subject of sales, with prices in N$ for each item.
    6. Total price in N$, with separate VAT.
    7. Terms of payment.

The classical budget non-computer invoice ( for Namibia )

Rubber Stamps & Receipt Forms with Carbon Copy - The Invoice Tools

Sales of Rubber Stamps & Receipt Forms with Carbon Copy in Winhoek, Namibia

Online Sales of Rubber Stamps & Receipt Forms with Carbon Copy in SouthAfrica


Credit Note & Debit Note

International Resources

German Resources

Business Model



Business Plan, Business Canvas, Lean Canvas



Design Thinking & Persona

Generation of a Personal Trademark



Minimum Viable Product

Business Organisations

Jobs & Contracts

Facebook Groups

Job Platforms & Recruiting Companies


Initiative Application

  • A local Namibian expert told me “And then it's the case that young people who are looking for a job simply email companies that might be suitable for them. That costs only little and could also lead to success”.

Word of Mouth

  • A local Namibian expert told me “It is actually the case that a lot is done by word of mouth. Someone who does a good job at his job will quickly find a new, better one, because Namibia is a village and good workers are in short supply despite the high unemployment rate”.

Support for Namibian Entrepreneurs

Support for Namibian Entrepreneurs from foreign Countries ( Migrants )

  • Local Namibian experts told me about getting a job or founding an enterprise in Namibia as foreigner:
    • “There is a “one-stop center” in WIndhoek, the Namibia Investment Promotion Board, which offers a wide range of assistance. And it is intended to decide on each fully submitted application within two weeks”.
    • “There are emigration agencies Change your Country, i.e. professional immigration officers who you pay to advise you”.
    • “The “Digital Nomad Visa” offered since October 2022 for 6 months for 67 EUR to get a taste of Namibia is an excellent opportunity to realistically prepare for immigration to the promised land of Namibia”.
    • “You need a work permit to be able to do paid work in Namibia, which is linked to a temporary right of residence for the duration of the work permit. For self-employment you also have to register a business, for the management of which you then apply for the work permit for yourself. It's easy on paper, but in practice it takes a lot, a lot of time and patience, as well as money”.
    • “Immigrants would find a job very quickly due to their usually higher qualifications, but would not be able to start it because applying for a work permit is lengthy and the result is uncertain”.
    • “In order to be able to live here for more than three months a year, you need an appropriate visa. But you only get that if you know what you want to do here - unless a company takes on the circumstance and goes through the work permit procedure with you. Then the question is whether and how long you can survive with little or no income (I'm not even talking about “living well” now), and whether there is still enough capital left over for founding a company or making an investment”
    • “Namibian residents have an enormous advantage over foreigners - which they don't even seem to see. Because as a foreigner, you are expected to meticulously comply with all requirements”.
    • “Work visa (max. 3 months), work permit ( 4-24 months; according to immigration agents, it is currently hard to get; among other things, two specialists from Germany who I know are already waiting 6 months for it ), then permanent residence ( sometimes after weeks, partly granted after 20 years... ). However, apart from the work visa, hardly any employer will want to go through the process with you ( unless it is a German representation such as Goethe etc.)”.


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