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My Point of View, as of 1999

  • I agree with this opinion: The right of name is an international right of man, it earns a precedence of trademark rights limited to national territories. The Internet is “no space free of rights”, indeed, but it isn't a “front garden” of each single nation, too ! For trademark rights, the Internet is a space of its own with its own priorities.
  • I myself tried to protect the name of my WEB site ('Hemmerling') by registration as trademark. Maybe it helps?

Company Data & Business Databases

Internet Domain Research


Search engines for Domain Name Addresses

  • DENIC eG → ”.de” #.
  • Network Solutions, LLC, A Web.com Company → ”.com”, ”.net” , ”.org”, ”.edu” and many more #.
  • Register.com → ”.com”, ”.net”, ”.org”, ”.cc”, ”.co.uk”, ”.org.uk”, ”.sh”, ”.ac”, ”.ms”, ”.tc”, ”.vg”, ”.ch”, ”.li”, ”.co.nz”, .”org.nz”, “net.nz” and ”.tv”.
  • SIDN.nl → ”.nl”.
  • Tonic → ”.to”.

ICANN - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers


Patents, Anti-Patents Civil Movements

Free Patent Databases

Commercial Patent & Document Databases

Anti Patent Organisations


Trademark Databases


Forums, Newsgroups

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