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[hemmerling] Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 & Nano Server

Windows 10


Images & Licenses for Budget Prices

Advanced Boot Options


Legacy Removable Media & Media Player

DVD Player Software


Floppy Disk


  • Deskmodder - News, Tipps, Hilfe "Kennwort, die Dauer ändern in Windows 10" - “Win + R”, “secpol.msc” = “Lokale Sicherheitsrichtline → Als Administrator ausführen ... Sicherheitseinstellungen → Kontenrichtlinien → Maximales Kennwortalter” ( default: 42, forever: 0 ).
  • “Win + R”, “secpol.msc” = Local security guidline → Run as Administrator... Security Settings → Account Policies → Password Policy → Maximum password age ( default: 42, forever: 0 ).

Diabling Spelling Checking and Highlighting of "misspelled" Input


Free Update after 2016-07-29

Error messages during Reset of Win10

"This File Does Not Have a Program Associated with It"

Windows Network Communications of Win10 with with W2K / WinXP


Windows 2016 Server

Windows 2016 Nanoserver

The Tool

My Test Installation

  • Username: “Administrator”, Password: “node2”.



Setup for Hyper-V

Setup for VMWare

Setup for VirtualBox



Win 10 Apps

  • The commercial software Drawboard - “Collaborative PDF software”.
      • “Drawboard PDF - markup for individuals”.
      • “Do you need to mark up and annotate your local PDF documents? Replace pen and paper with an app that feels like pen and paper! Drawboard PDF is the top PDF app for your local files on the Microsoft Store, and was even preinstalled on earlier models of Surface”.

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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