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  • DriverPacks.Net - “Each DriverPack is a package of drivers for a particular category of hardware. There are for example DriverPacks for Sound devices and for Graphics devices... They are intended to be used while creating a Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista or Windows 7 installation disc/image”.
  • nLite - “A tool for pre-installation Windows configuration and component removal at your choice”.
  • WinFuture Update Pack - Offline installation of Windows updates.
  • The DonationWare offline Windowsupdate downloader WSUS Offline Update, running on W2k or later - Offline installation of Windows updates.
    • WSU 6.6.5 of 2010-11-10 is the latest edition for W2k updates.
      1. Copy “reg.exe” of the Support Tools from “C:\Program Files\Support Tools” to “C:\Program Files\wsuoffline\client\bin”. The support tools may be installed from the W2k CD by executing “Z:\SUPPORT\TOOLS\SETUP.EXE”.
      2. Load the file “C:\Program Files\wsuoffline\static\StaticDownloadLink-sigcheck.txt” with an editor, change “Files” to “files”.
      3. Load the file “C:\Program Files\wsuoffline\static\StaticDownloadLink-streams.txt” with an editor, change “Files” to “files”.
      4. Download and install rootsupd.exe and rvkroots.exe.
    • “WSUS Offline Update 9.2.1” is the latest version with WinXP support.
    • “WSUS Offline Update 10.7.4” - “This version will be the last one supporting Windows Essentials 2012”.
    • The installable downloads are stored in the “clients” directory, while the prefered ISO images are stored in the “iso” directory.

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Virtual Windows Desktops ( Windows Sizing ) - Helpful for 1024x600 and smaller Displays :-)

Hardware DownScaling ( for Intel Mobile Graphics Chips only )


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Fixing of Windows Errors

#1 "Num" on external Keyboard locks internal Notebook Keyboard

  • Given:
    • Notebook computer with Win8.1, wirless mouse + wireless keyboard attached, by a single USB stick with wireless communications.
    • The notebook keyboard has a numeric function block, accessable by the function key “Fn”, as overlay over the normal keyboard. E.g. “0” = “m”, “1” = “j”, “2” = “k”, “3” = “l”... The notepad keyboard doesn´t have a “Num” key.
    • The external keyboard has a “Num” key.
  • User experience:
    • Within Win8.1, the notebook keyboard just sends the numeric keys, though the function key “Fn” is not pressed. E.g. pressing the “m” key sends “0” instead of “m” or “M” to the software.
    • At the login screen of Win8.1, the notebook keyboard works normally. E.g. pressing the “m” key sends “m” or “M” if the function key “Fn” is not pressed.
  • Solution:
    • Pressing the key “Num” on the external keyboard unlocks the internal keyboard, so that it sends the normal keys codes again ( e.g. “m” or “M” at the key “m” ).
    • It doesn´t help to switch off the external keyboard ( by detaching the batteries, or detaching the USB kommunications module ).
  • Conclusion:
    • The keyboard driver used at the Win8.1 login screen is not the same used by Win8.1 during normal operation both in Win8.1 desktop and Win8.1 app mode. Obviously, it doesn´t evaluate & interpret the status of the “Num” key.
    • By pressing the “Num” key on an external keyboard, a notebook keyboard gets into a special state not suitable for operation.

#2 Font "Courier New" does not support style "Regular"

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  • Bechtle, Cancom, COMPAREX, Computacenter, Datalog, Fritz & Macziol, PC-Ware.





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