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How to create E-Learning Videos

Use a Lightboard

Do it like Khan

Software, Hardware


Tips for better Screencasts :-)

  • A screencast should last 2-4 minutes. Please split long videos into such small pieces.
  • Please create an outline script for planning / scheduling.
# Action on screen English audio German audio
1 ... ... ...
2 ... ... ...
  • Load all necessary files into a single directory.
  • Do a “dry run” - Execute the screencast without recording.
  • Create and use an extra ( Windows ) account, where the ( Windows ) GUI deskop is empty during video recording.
  • Select a mouse pointer which is bigger than the standard one, by ( Windows ) GUI system settings.
  • Branding.
    • Think about if you like to have your own brand name / brand logo as watermark or logo on the screen.
    • Think about a short audio introduction “Hello, I am Rolf Hemmerling and would like to talk about ... in this webcast”.
    • Think about a short musical introduction at the start of the screencast, when the name of the webcast is posted ( 2 seconds or so ).
  • Video screen.
    • Select the proper video format - 16:9 is standard in 2011, while 4:3 was standard in 2000.
    • 1280×720 is a proper video screen format for screen recordings, in 2011.
    • Show the focussed items of the screencast as large as possible. If necessary, use zoom functions of the GUI.
    • Alternatively use the free Brian Apps "Sizer" to set the window size of the item in focus to a reproducable & prefered size.
  • Audio.
    • Record audio and video separately.
    • Use a ( USB ) headset for audio recording, not the built-in microphone of a notebook.
    • Use the OpenSource audio editor Sourceforge "Audacity", Sourceforge "Audacity" for recording & editing.

Screen Capture Software

Free Screen Capture Software for Android

  • See Google Android, section “App Software” / “Capture / Screenshot / PDF Maker & Bookmark Tools”.

Free Screen Capture Software for Windows

Extraordinary free Capture Tools with "Delay" and "Capture Screenarea" Features

Some other top free Capture Tools

Some other free Capture Tools

Commercial Screen Capture Software for Windows

Screencast Video Tools

Online Screencast Services

Online Screencast Services, with local Client

  • The free Google Hangout - Firefox plugin for Firefox running on WinXP, “Google voice and video chat”. It has an “On air” feature that causes Google+ Hangouts to record your Hangout session directly to YouTube. You can use the “Screenshare” feature inside Google+ Hangouts to easily record a tutorial session.
  • With a free Zoom account & installied ZOOM client, you may record a video including screen sharing :-). Though there are no online spectators, you need to be online for recording the video.

Screencast Tools

Free Screencast Tools for Windows

Free Screencast Plugins for Tools on Windows

Crippled Shareware Screencast Tools

    • “Game Recording Software and Windows Screen Recorder”, “Record your gameplay and upload it to YouTube and Vimeo”, “Record from any video devices like Webcam, IPTV, Smartphone, PS/Xbox”.
    • Limits of the Shareware version “Recording Time Limit = 10 minutes (per file)”, “Watermark”.

Just-commercial Screencast Tools for Windows

Free Screencast Tools for Linux

Live Screencast Tools for Live Streaming Production

OpenSource Live Screencast Tools for Windows and Linux
  • Open Broadcaster Software ( OBS ) - “Free, open source software for live streaming and recording”.
  • If you want to stream from OBS to online streaming services ( Zoom,..), due to quite new restrictions in 2020 / 2021 of these streaming services, it's best to configure OBS to be a “virtual cam” for these services.
  • OBS can operate with unlimited number of video sources, e.g. WiFi & LAN webcams ( by HTTP address in a local network ).
    • Such a video source might be an Android smartphone, shipped with the Android App “DroidCam”. You might even use old Android smartphones with outdated Android OS versions ( i.e. < Android 7.02 ) or with broken screens :-).
    • A practical use of having many video sources is to implement “OBS Scenes” which can be switched by simple keypress, which use different number and size of video sources, e.g. one video source for document view ( Paper, Presentation ), one for the speaker, one for interactive sessions running computer software ( “llve hacking”,.. ).
Free and commercial Live Screencast Tools for Windows


Video Interview Tools



Screencast Video Players

  • The Windows Media Player is often unable to play recorded screencast videos, on Win7 and Win8 :-(.
  • However, the OpenSource videoplayer VideoLAN VLC for W2k, WinXP, Win7, Win8 plays such recorded screencast videos well.

Commercial Tools for DirectX & OpenGL Gameplay Recording

  • Bandicam.
    • “The Fastest Movie Capture. Dxtory is a movie capture tool for DirectX and OpenGL Applications. Since data is directly acquired from a surface memory buffer, it is very high-speed and works with small load”.
    • “Lossless Capture. The codec of Dxtory can record original pixel data as it is. You can obtain the highest quality by lossless video source”.
    • “A universal Windows application that can be used with games using DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology”, “Screen Capture Software”, “Realtime Video Capture Software”.
    • Limits of the Shareware version:
      • Limited recording time ( of ? minutes ).
      • Watermark.

Skype Video & Audio Recorders

Free Skype Video & Audio Recording Tools

  • DVDVideoSoft "Free Skype Recorder" for Windows - “Record Skype video and audio calls”.
    • Installation.
      • Setup step #2 “Install Ad-Aware Web Companion”: Select:
        • ”(x) Custom Installation (Advanced)”.
          • ”[_] Install Ad-Aware Web Companionto block dangerous websites”.
          • ”[_] Set search powered by Bing as my homepage, enw tab, and default search engine on Firefox and Internet Explorer”.
      • Setup step #3 “Install Opera Browser”: Select:
        • ”(x) Custom Installation (Advanced)”.
          • ”[_] Install Opera Browser”.
      • Setup step #4 “Install Nero TuneItUp”: Select:
        • ”(x) I do not accept”.
    • Operation.
      • If you call DVDVideoSoft's “Free Skype Recorder”, Skype is loaded automatically if not already running.
      • You may setup the directory, where your recordings should be stored :-). The default place is “C:\Users\<user>\Videos” ( e.g. “C:\Users\Administrator\Videos” ).
    • DigitalTrends "How to record a Skype call on your PC or Mac" - “It truly has no serious limitations to speak of, and there are only two features I would like to see added: ... and some kind of notification reminding me whether I'm recording or not. Not everyone would remember to turn recording back on after a simple disconnection occurs—and these happen quite often on Skype”.
    • Giga.de "Skype: Aufnehmen von Telefonaten und Video-Chats" - ”(1) Mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu drei Jahren oder mit Geldstrafe wird bestraft, wer unbefugt das nichtöffentlich gesprochene Wort eines anderen auf einen Tonträger aufnimmt oder eine so hergestellte Aufnahme gebraucht oder einem Dritten zugänglich macht”.
    • Configuration:
      • ”[x] Bring iFree Skype Recorder to front when the conversion st” ( starts ).
      • ”[x] Bring iFree Skype Recorder to front when recording finished”.
      • ”[x] Bring history window to front when recording finished”.
    • Operation.
      • First call “iFree Skype Recorder”, then call “Skype” manually.
      • Recordings are stored at “C:\Users\<user>\Documents\iFree Skype Recorder” ( e.g. “C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\iFree Skype Recorder” ).
      • Audio-only connections ( e.g. to “Echo / Sound Test Service” ) are recorded in the MP3 audio format.
      • If you close the menu window of “iFree Skype Recorder” by clicking on the right top ”[x]” in the menu window, you may
        • Open the menu window, by clicking on the “iFree” icon in the Windows system tray.
        • Not open the menu window by clicking on the Windows Start menu entry of “iFree” or the Windows desktop icon of “iFree”. Before running the application by that successfully, you must either:
          • Quit the application by the menu command of the Windows system tray item “iFree”.
          • Kill the background process “iFree” manually ( or reboot Windows... ).

Free Skype Audio Recording Tools

Crippled Shareware Video & Audio Recording Tools

  • Bandicam.
  • Evaer - Excellent video & audio recorder. “Evaer trial version is full functional except for a 5 minutes recording limitation for each recording file”.
  • HD Video Call Recorder - “You may freely use the trial-version of HD Video Call Recorder for Skype and can record only up to 5 minutes for each video calls”.
    • IMCapture for Skype for Windows - “Captures only two minutes of Skype Session, has logo on captured video”.
    • “A better version of Callnote Premium is here! Record Skype, Google+ hangouts, Facebook and Viber video calls”, “Free Call Recorder Callnote Premium helps you easily record your conversations made via Skype, Facebook, Google+ Hangouts and Viber on your Mac or PC. Automatically capture and record audio and video, shared screen and chats”.
    • “Limit of 30 free recordings per month” :-(.

Just-commercial Video & Audio Recording Tools and Shareware Video & Audio Recording Tools with expiring Trial Version



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