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Apps World

Droidcon / Droidcamp

FHDW Smartphone Developer Camp

Global Android Dev Camp



SIM ( Subscriber Identity Module ) Cards


My Android Phone "BQ Aquaris U"

  • The BQ support wrote me about the purpose of the small metallic pin supplied with the smartphone: “Der metallische Pin, der dem Aquaris beigefügt wird, wenn es rechteckig ist und mit einem Stengel daran, dann dient das dazu, die Fächer für die Mikro-SD-Karte sowie für das SIM-Karten-Slot zu öffnen. Stecken Sie den Stengel kurz in das kleine Loch über dem SIM-Karten-Slot oder über dem SD-Karten-Slot und drücken Sie es kurz rein, dann springt das entsprechende Slot auf, damit Sie die entsprechende Karte hineinlegen oder entfernen können. Diese befinden sichan der seitlichen Kante des Gerätes. Aber Achtung: diesen Stengel nicht am oberen oder unteren Rand in ein Loch hineinstecken, sonst können Sie etwas kaputtpieksen!”.
  • “Nano-SIM” card slot.
  • Thethering, Wi-Fi hotspot.
    • Security:
      1. None.
      2. WPA2 PSK.
    • AP Band: 2.4 Ghz.
  • The smartphone may connect to “open”, “WPA” & “WPA2” hotspots of the 2.4 Ghz AP band.
  • External USB keyboard & mouse sets are recognized properly at “Settings / Language & Input / Physical Keyboard”.
  • “Settings / About phone / System updates / Update” - “Check for updates”.

My Android Tablet "I-ONIK TabletPC TP7-1000DC light"

My Android Phone "Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD 8008D"

The Tool

  • Alcatel Mobile ( formerly: “Alcatel-Lucent” ).
  • Has no NFC, no BLE, no gyro :-(.
  • Has FM radio :-).
  • “Micro-SIM” card slot.


The legacy "Panasonic FZ-A1"

Embedded Android Hardware


NXP ( formerly: Freescale )


Mobile Devices with Blue Tooth Low Energy ( BLE ) Feature & NFC Feature

Legacy Devices & Current Devices ( as of 2017-01 )

Current Devices ( as of 2017-01 )



Criteria to buy a budget Mobilephones

  • Criteria: LTE, BLE, NFC, gyro ( for interactive Cardboard VRML Apps ), display resolution, internal/external memory.
  • Extra criteria, can just be confirmed by access to the physical device: May the camera photoshot function be mapped on the loundness key, to use “Selfie Sticks” / “Monopads” for taking photos?

Some other Smartphones

Addon Hardware für Smartphones

Smartphone Device Management

Tips & Tricks

Handling of the Device

Close Apps

Contacts / Phone numbers

Copy & Paste

Download Storage Place in the File System

  • Download are stored “Phone storage / MyFavorite / Download”. To access the file system, you need a standard app shipped with the operating system, e.g. “File Manager” ( Android 4.2.1 ), “My Pad” ( Android 4.1.1 ).

"Sorry, this media file doesn't exist on your SD card"

Tethering & Portable Hotspot

Find Your Phone



Mobile Communications Hardware

Mobile Internet Access Hardware

Legacy traditional ( non-Smartphone, non-Android ) Telephones

  • “Samsung Ce0168” - My first classical legacy mobile phone, legacy WAP enabled :-), not the legacy tablet.
    • The “PIN” is the login password. Please remember it, you have just 3 tries to enter.
    • If you want to reset the phone to factory settings or delete the phonebook, you are asked for a “Password”, which is not the “PIN”. You were never forced to setup, so probably it is still the default 8-digit password “00000000” ( = 8 times zero ).

Legacy Business Models for mobile Telephones

Industry Websites & Paper Magazines

Important Industry Websites & Paper Magazines for App Developers, according to "Apps World Germany", 2016-04

Paper Magazines


Forums, Newsgroups

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