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Organisations, Events


Apps World

Droidcon / Droidcamp

Droidcon Conference

Droidcon Academy Workshop at IFA Berlin, by Google

FHDW Smartphone Developer Camp

Global Android Dev Camp


Smartphone Device Management

Tips & Tricks

Handling of the Device

Close Apps

Contacts / Phone numbers

Sync Contacts

Copy & Paste

Download Storage Place in the File System

  • Download are stored “Phone storage / MyFavorite / Download”. To access the file system, you need a standard app shipped with the operating system, e.g. “File Manager” ( Android 4.2.1 ), “My Pad” ( Android 4.1.1 ).

GSM Codes

Conditional Call Redirection - Message "SIM1: Bedingte Anrufweiterleitung"

Ringing - Activation & Deactivation

"Sorry, this media file doesn't exist on your SD card"

Saving Files to ( external ) SD Card

The special App "Files by Google"
Third-Party Apps to send files to SD Card
Photo and Video Saving to ( external ) SD Card on Android 4.2.1
  • Though there is no settings option, if there is an SD card, both photos and videos are stored on the SD card, automatically :-).
Photo Saving to ( external ) SD Card on Android 7.1.1
  • In German:
    • Öffne “Kamera” auf Deinem Android-Gerät.
    • “Einstellungen / Datei und Speicher - Speichern Fotos unter...” ⇒ ”[_] Telefon, [x] SD-Karte” :-).
  • Result: Photos are stored on the external SD card :-), but videos are stored on the internal file system :-(.
Video Saving to ( external ) SD Card on Android 7.1.1
  • No solution :-(.
Photo and Video Saving to ( external ) SD Card on Android 12
  • On your Android device, open “Camera”.
  • Settings / Storage Location” ⇒ ”[x] SD Card, [_]Internal storage”.
Ejecting a USB Stick
  • Androidphonesoft "How to eject usb from android?". WARNING: This advice didn't work for me, properly :-(.
    1. Open your device’s Settings app.
    2. Tap Storage.
    3. Tap the name of the USB storage device you want to remove ( Android13: select a device by the green selector ( “Dieses Gerät”, “SD-Karte”, ( FAT32 disk name of the USB drive ) ).
    4. Tap Eject ( Android 13: Select “Eject” in the burger menu with 3 dots on right corner ).
  • Alternatively, shutdown the smartphone.


Tethering & Portable Hotspot

Find Your Phone



Augmented Reality

Google ARCore

Apple ARKit

The legacy Google Tango

Legacy Google Tango Hardware

( Camera ) Depth and Tracking Technologies


  • Experts told me: Smartphones with 2 back cameras - which is standard with AR enabled smartphones - may provide “depth sensor technology” ( “Tiefensensorik” ), which is a must to detect the architecture of a given space, e.g. a room. By this, applications may use the smartphone like a 3D laser scanner.

Industry Websites & Paper Magazines

Important Industry Websites & Paper Magazines for App Developers, according to "Apps World Germany", 2016-04

Paper Magazines


    • “A tech inventor from Silicon Valley disappears aboard a chartered ship, leaving many wondering what happened to her and if her invention had anything to do with her disappearance”.
    • Software developers “Sandra Hutchins” & “Darold Smith” develop a health ( smartphone ) App, sponsored by venture capitalist “Paolo Lindeman”, but which finally the App did not work, in the means the app was worthless to check the health of a person.


Forums, Newsgroups

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