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[hemmerling] FRITZ!Box

FRITZ!Box Hardware

Remote Access to the FRITZ!Box Hardware

Operation of an unmanaged Switch does not work with FRITZ!Box properly

  • If you connect a switch to one of the 4 input ports of a FRITZ!Box, proper operation of devices connected to teh switch is not guaranteed:
    • A commercial datalogger terminalstation by CipherLab, which calls remote Internet servers, works properly.
    • A Windows PC does not work properly, it can´t access the Internet.... :-(
  • Experts suggested the reason for failure, that the FRITZ!Box might just accept a single ( ONE ) MAC address at each port...
  • There are many reports in online forums about the problem, but no real idea of understanding the problem, and especially no working solution :-(.

Unbranding of FRITZ!Box

Extending the Firmware of FRITZ!Box


Perl and the Fhem, a Perl Application, on FRITZ!Box

Python on Fritz!Box

Perl Scripts for Network Access of FRITZ!Box

Python Scripts for Network Access of Fritz!Box


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