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[hemmerling] MLM, Multilevel Marketing, Network Marketing, Recommentation Marketing, Strukturvertrieb, Direct Marketing, Sales Systems which make Sales by Switched Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Networks, "Plan B"... - "Avarice kills brain", "Millionärslehrling gesucht !"

Slogans about MLM

  • “Who wants to have success with MLM, must sell the 'chance to make money' to third parties, again and again. This is the real product, with MLM”.
  • “MLM is a business. A commitment with the company to buy the company's products for own consumption is definitely the minimum”.
  • ”'Who advises third parties to open chain stores, although the main store does not make profilt ?' Just MLM people... Why that ? Well, BECAUSE the main store does not make profit..”.
  • Number #1 recommendation marketing - slogan: “We don't need it, but we like to use it, with conviction !”
  • “Who wants to make a little fortune with MLM, must invest a huge fortune”.

Portals, Online Magazines, Blogs about the MLM Business and MLM People


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Forums, Newsgroups, Communities about the MLM Business

Resources about Networking without MLM

MLM related Resources

Professional Network-Marketing Training, with some introductory free Training

Frank Heister

Marco Alves

  • Marco Alves - “DEINE GRATIS STRATEGIE SESSION. Erfahre, wie du mit meiner Hilfe dein Network Marketing Business in den nächsten 90 Tagen auf ein komplett neues Level bringst und somit endlich den Erfolg bekommst, den du verdienst!”.
  • There is no free 60-min webinar :-(.

Frank Heister Akademie. Bundesausbildungszentrum für Network-Marketing & Vertrieb



Resources - Hypercritical Opinions


  • IWG "Franchise Opportunities in Flexible Workspace", 2021-12 - “Join the leaders of the fast-growing workspace & coworking market. Become a franchise partner of IWG. Demand for flexible workspace is growing exponentially. Capitalise on this once-in-a-generation opportunity by joining the world’s number one workspace and coworking provider as a franchise partner. With our proven business model and leading global brands, you can transform the untapped potential of our market into exceptional cash returns”.

Work at Home

Hypercritical Resources

General Hypercritical MLM and Strukturvertrieb Resources

Hypercritical Resources about Herbalife

Hypercritical Resources about Amway

Hypercritical Resources about Financial Services

Hypercritical Scientology Resources

Hypercritical Resources about Schenkkreise

Some other Hypercritical Resources about Money-Making Schemes

Free E-Books, free Online Webinars,...

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Scientific Work

Commercial Education, Courses

Software for MLM



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