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[hemmerling] Marketing and Self-Marketing

Fairs, Expositions, Conferences

  • The free exposition and conference dm exco - Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference, Köln, 2016-09-14 - 2016-09-15.
    • “Der Eintritt ist ausschließlich Fachbesuchern vorbehalten und sowohl für die Expo als auch für die Conference kostenfrei” ( 2013 ).
    • “Kostenfreie Tickets zu Expo und Conference ab 18. Juli 2016 bis einschließlich 15. August” ( 2016 ).

Public Relations ( PR )

Important Recommended Free Online Press Services

Free and Commercial Services for Online Press Releases



Motivation Training, Success Training, Sales Training, Telephone Training, Sales Talks, Cold Calls

Best Trainers "Die 100 besten Erfolgstrainer"

Jürgen Höller

Jürgen Höller
Mike Dierssen

Nikolaus B. Enkelmann

Hermann Scherer

Bodo Schäfer

Jörg Löhr

Julian Zietlow

Veith Lindau

Detlef D! Soost

Christian Bischoff

Gerald Hörhan

Reiner Calmund

Daniela A. Ben Said

Kris Selljes

Biyon Kattilathu

Marc M. Galal

Claudia Enkelmann

Dirk Kreuter

Paul Misar

Stefan Verra

Martin Limbeck

Alexander M. Faßbender

Tobias Beck

Maxim Mankevich

Joey Kelly

Thorsten Havener

Steffen Kirchner

Jack Nasher

Christian Lindemann

Thaddeus Koroma

Alex Fischer

Steve Kroeger

Frank Wilde

Alexander Hartmann

Daniel Weinstock

Michael Bandt

Rolf Schmiel

René Borbonus

Stefan Frädrich

Leo Martin

Alexander Christiani

Sabine Asgodom

Gereon Jörn

Edgar Geffroy

Michael Strachowitz

Boris Grundl

Lothar Seiwert

Stéphane Etrillard

Harald Psaridis

Illja Grzeskowitz

Patricia Staniek

Claudio Catrini

Klaus Kobjoll

Mike Dierssen

  • See “Jürgen Höller”.

Michael Langheinrich

Antje Heimsoeth

Samer Mohamad

Gabriel Schandl

Karl Pilsl

Karl Michael Pilsl

Oliver Geisselhart

Cordula Nussbaum

Katja Porsch

Hans-Uwe L. Köhler

Isaebel Garcia

Carsten K. Rath

Holger Bröer

Petra Polk

Andreas Buhr

Ernst Crameri

Siegfried Haider

Petra Bock

Matthias Niggelhoff

Michael Ehlers

Frank Dunker

Christian Galvez

Cemal Osmanovic

Martin Klapheck

Peter Brandl

Susanne Grieger-Langer

Karl Werner Schmitz

Alexander S. Kaufmann

Arno Fischbachler

Steffen Ritter

Marcus Lauk

Michael Jagersbacher

Volker Kitz

Martin Laschkolnig

Ardeschyr Hagmaier

Vanessa Weber

Thomas Schlechter

Zach Davis

Roger Rankel

Janine Katharina Pötsch

Gabriele Eckert

Joachim Rumohr

Alexander Groth

Felix Maria Arnet

Rabih A. Karim

Christoph Teege

Andreas Enrico Brell

Some other recommended Trainers

Andreas Baulig

Winfried Schröter

List of Trainers for Germany

  • Issue "Erfolg Magazin, Ausgabe 3-2017" by ERFOLG Magazin, page 6-7 “Die 100 besten Erfolgstrainer”.
    1. Jürgen Höller.
    2. Nikolaus B. Enkelmann.
    3. Hermann Scherer.
    4. Bodo Schäfer.
    5. Jörg Löhr.
    6. Julian Zietlow.
    7. Veith Lindau.
    8. Detlef D! Soost.
    9. Christian Bischoff.
    10. Gerald Hörhan.
    11. Reiner Calmund.
    12. Daniela A. Ben Said.
    13. Kris Selljes.
    14. Biyon Kattilathu.
    15. Marc M. Galal.
    16. Claudia Enkelmann.
    17. Dirk Kreuter.
    18. Paul Misar.
    19. Stefan Verra.
    20. Martin Limbeck.
    21. Alexander M. Faßbender.
    22. Tobias Beck.
    23. Maxim Mankevich.
    24. Joey Kelly.
    25. Thorsten Havener.
    26. Steffen Kirchner.
    27. Jack Nasher.
    28. Christian Lindemann
    29. Thaddeus Koroma.
    30. Alex Fischer.
    31. Steve Kroeger.
    32. Frank Wilde.
    33. Alexander Hartmann.
    34. Daniel Weinstock.
    35. Michael Bandt.
    36. Rolf Schmiel.
    37. René Borbonus.
    38. Stefan Frädrich.
    39. Leo Martin.
    40. Alexander Christiani.
    41. Sabine Asgodom.
    42. Gereon Jörn.
    43. Edgar Geffroy.
    44. Michael Strachowitz.
    45. Boris Grundl.
    46. Lothar Seiwert.
    47. Stéphane Etrillard.
    48. Harald Psaridis.
    49. Illja Grzeskowitz.
    50. Patricia Staniek.
    51. Claudio Catrini.
    52. Klaus Kobjoll.
    53. Mike Dierssen.
    54. Michael Langheinrich.
    55. Antje Heimsoeth.
    56. Samer Mohamad.
    57. Gabriel Schandl.
    58. Karl Pilsl.
    59. Karl Michael Pilsl.
    60. Oliver Geisselhart.
    61. Cordula Nussbaum.
    62. Katja Porsch.
    63. Hans-Uwe L. Köhler.
    64. Isaebel Garcia.
    65. Carsten K. Rath.
    66. Holger Bröer.
    67. Petra Polk.
    68. Andreas Buhr.
    69. Ernst Crameri.
    70. Siegfried Haider.
    71. Petra Bock.
    72. Matthias Niggelhoff.
    73. Michael Ehlers.
    74. Frank Dunker.
    75. Christian Galvez.
    76. Cemal Osmanovic.
    77. Martin Klapheck.
    78. Peter Brandl.
    79. Susanne Grieger-Langer.
    80. Karl Werner Schmitz.
    81. Alexander S. Kaufmann.
    82. Arno Fischbachler.
    83. Steffen Ritter.
    84. Marcus Lauk.
    85. Michael Jagersbacher.
    86. Volker Kitz.
    87. Martin Laschkolnig
    88. Ardeschyr Hagmaier.
    89. Vanessa Weber.
    90. Thomas Schlechter.
    91. Zach Davis.
    92. Roger Rankel.
    93. Janine Katharina Pötsch.
    94. Gabriele Eckert.
    95. Joachim Rumohr.
    96. Alexander Groth.
    97. Felix Maria Arnet.
    98. Rabih A. Karim.
    99. Christoph Teege.
    100. Andreas Enrico Brell.


Kind of Speeches

Four Minute Men

Guerilla Marketing

Inbound marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

Portals, Online Magazines

Paper Magazines

Online Magazines, Newsletters, Podcasts, Blogs, E-Books about Marketing



Marketing Resssources

Marketing How-To Resssources

  • Akkar Media Ltd. - Marketing specialist for small enterprises.
  • Absolit Sonderdrucke by Torsten Schwarz.
    • Leitfaden Online Marketing.
    • Leitfaden E-Mail Marketing.
    • Leitfaden Integriertes Marketing.
    • Leitfaden Permission Marketing.
  • Chris Anderson: “The Long Tail”.
  • Career-Tools by Florian Gayk.
  • Robin Chase.
      • Imporant thesis & informations & suggestions:
        • Page 100, graphics “Phases Most Peer Inc Organizations Pas Through”:
          1. “Controlled Kernel”.
          2. “Everywone Welcome”.
          3. “Power Imbalance”.
          4. “Power Parity”, Page 126:
            1. Permit data portability.
            2. The platform should be an advocate for the peers.
            3. Give peers the abilily to communicate with each other and organize.
            4. Share the best practices with all peers.
            5. Increase transparency, by Elinor Ostrom ( EN.Wikipedia "Elinor Ostrom", DE.Wikipedia "Elinor Ostrom" ):
              1. Define clear group boundaries ( to exclude parties who are not entitled ).
              2. Match rules governing use of common good to local needs and conditions.
              3. Ensure that those affected by the rules can participate in modifying the rules.
              4. Make shure the rule-making rights of community members are respected by outside authorities.
              5. Develop a system, carried out by community members, for monitoring member's behaviour.
              6. Use granduated sanctions for rule violator.
              7. Provide accessible, low cost means for dispute resolution.
              8. Build responsibility for governing the common resource in the nested tiers from the lowest level up to the entire interonnected system.
        • Page 104, about YouTube: “Within just two more months..., they settled the three components prominently displayed and equially weighted on their homepage: watch, upload, share. These last two actions are the heart of a Peer Inc approach, since they invite direct peer engagement”.
        • Page 113: “WhatsApp Co.-founder and CEO Jan Koum ( EN.Wikipedia "Jan Koum", DE.Wikipedia "Jan Koum" ) made the brilliant ( he told me 'laziest' ) decision to repurpose user's existing phone numbers from people's contact lists as unique identifier... Skype... chose the annoying path of requireing people to create an entirely new name for their Skype account”.
        • Page 135 Peers.
        • Page 141, “Van Schewick ( DE.Wikipedia "Barbara van Schewick" ) identified four key factors underlying the Internet's success, all of which must be present”:
          1. User choice: Users get to choose which applications they want to use, without influence by the network providers.
          2. No permission: Innovation on the network does not require permission from the network providers.
          3. Application blindness: The network itself is blind to applications or use. I doesn´t know or care how it is used.
          4. Low cost: The costs of innovation on the network are low.
        • Page 148: “How to encourage, enable, and enhance the economic development of platforms:”.
          1. Open things up.
          2. Reduce interference.
          3. Don´t require permissions.
          4. Maximize potential.
        • Page 154 ”'I want to live in a world where people can become entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs, and if we can lower the friction and inspire them to do that, especially in an economy like today, this is the promise of the sharing economy' said Brian Chesky Airbnb CEO”.
        • Page 168 “A key feature is 'crowd refinement', which engages anyone in the workforce interested in triaging and improving emerging ideas”.
        • Page 174: Mayors Challenge 2014 in Europe, but not in Germany.
        • Page 180 “Veronique Laury, the .. CEO of Castarama, a home improvement business... 'I think the company has to become a H2H company - human to human'... Her strategy for Castarama”:
          1. “Create awiki of home improvement solutions”.
          2. “Work closely with start-up and learn from their processes”.
          3. “Create a system of skills bartering among and between the public and the employees”.
          4. “Hold 'bar camps' conferences whose topics are user-generated on the fly”.
          5. “Create MOOCs - video instruction courses”.
          6. “Move toward 3D printing for tool repair than discounting repariable items”.
        • Page 184 “Jeremiah Owyang... He has a simple four-phase circular path that explains the transition from the old industrial approach t the new one: Product → Service → Marketplace → Platform”.
          1. Product → Service: ”... making durable goods available as a service”.
          2. Service → Marketplace: “companies create marketplaces, which enable buyers and sellers to transact around their brand. In addition..., are all offering used-goods marketplaces where the people can get 'gently loved' apparel and furnitures from other customers. Their efforts illustrate a brand's commitment to sustainablity, offer proof of durable products, and create brand loyalty for a potential upsell”.
          3. Marketplace → Platform: “creation of a platform that opens itself up more broadly to peer creation of the products themselves”.
        • Page 184 “value is beeing created in three significantely new ways”:
          1. ”...the platform itself adds a lot of value by organizing the exceess capacity”.
          2. ”...each peer adds a value ( and, generally speaking, a peer will participate only because it is worth it to him or her ).
          3. “created by the group - the aggregated peers making a network. It is this third part of value pie that the Incs generally eat as well. Venture capitalists recently valued Airbnb at $10 billion in 2014, shurely taking this network value into consideration”.
        • Page 203: “The three Peer Inc. miracles”:
          1. Exponential growth.
          2. Exponential learning.
          3. Finding the right person.
        • Page 245, about mesh networks:
          • “Mesh networks are a terrific solution for wireless in congrested or remote places, helping connect up the Internet of Things... A mesh works like this:... Data that are local stay local: your calls, texts and photos to friends can all go just a few hops from house to house in your neighbourhood, rather than beeing transmitted to San Francisco and back for every new reader”.
          • “There's no need to build new infrastructure; we connect up our existing wireless devices and routers.
          • “There is no monthly fee”.
          • “There's complete privacy”.
          • in Spain has more than 20.000 peer nodes.
          • Red Hook mesh network, 2013-01.
          • Joshua Breitbart: “The general narrative of Silicon Valley is, build an app and change the world. But there should be room to say 'Build an app and change my neighborhood'.
          • “Build and app that changes so many neighborhoods, it changes the world. Mesh networking does just that”.
        • Page 251 “The principles of collaborative economy”:
          1. “Open acccessible assets > closed assets”.
            • “Open assets deliver more value than closed assets because they are more efficiently used and let us continually oncover new values”.
          2. “More networked minds > fewer walled-in minds”.
            • “More people are smarter than fewer people, but only when they are networked together”.
          3. “Benefits of openess > problems of openess”.
            • “Collectively, the upside opportunities of innovation and shared learning are much larger than the downside problems, such as bad behavior, which we can identify and address with ratings, comments, and trust networks”.
          4. “I get> I give”.
            • “As individuals, each person who contributes assets to a platform necessarily gets more than she gives. This is how Wikipedia, potluck dinners, and taxes that pay for public libraries and national defense work”.
      • Her new company Veniam.
      • Robin Chase was guest speaker at the event “Boosting start-ups and SMEs in smart urban mobility: Linking accellerators and cities” by European Commission in the context of the The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities on the fair Metropolitan Solutions on 2015-05-22 in Berlin, Germany.
  • Haufe Taschenguides - affordable books with “soft skills” topics.
  • Svenja Hofert.
  • Online-Internet-Marketing - “Portal für Internet Marketing und kostenlose Online Werbung”.
  • IFP Institut für Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Hann. Münden - free E-book.
  • Blog Promoted Profits - “Internet Marketing, Strategies, Reviews”.
  • - “Handverlesenes Marketing-Wissen”. Breaking news as teaser, with links to the other portals #.
  • Jeff “Herschy” Schwerdt.
  • unimäuse by Lars Kaletka, Hannover.
  • Harald Weber, b2bmarketing, Bad Nenndorf.
  • Wikipedia.

Marketing Research

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing Organisations

Leads for Direct Marketing

Dialog Marketing

Online Marketing

Positive Marketing Examples

The Marketing Strategy of DropBox

Slogans, Self-Presentation

  • Informationstechnologie GmbH - “unser Team unterstützt Ihr Unternehmen dabei, Potenziale mit Hilfe von modernen IT- und Kommunikationslösungen optimal zu nutzen”.
  • The paper flyer of innotronix, Hannover ( 2010-01 ).
  • melissadoll <dot> at - “Sometimes people type Rolf Hemmerling a few different ways so if you typed in Rolf Hemmerling or RolfHemmerling, Rolf Hemerling or RolfHemerling, Rolf Hämmerling or Rolf Hämerling. Odds are you were looking for Rolf Hemmerling so feel free to click the link above to check out the site”.
    • “Wir befähigen Unternehmen, ihre geschäftlichen Ziele mit innovativen Methoden der Software- und Systementwicklung selbst zu erreichen.
    • 3 colunms.
      1. Wissen ( Grundlagen, Kontext, Substanz ) ⇒ courses, e-learning.
      2. Können ( Ausprobieren, Sicherheit, Entscheiden ) ⇒ in-house workshops for companies.
      3. Tun ( Optimieren, Perfektionieren, Nachhaltig ) ⇒ coaching of project managers.
    • Computer-Doktor Services “Computerprobleme?? Streikt Ihr PC mal wieder? -*Virenbefall?, Softwareprobleme? -*Neuinstallation von Windows, Software etc. nötig ? - Kein Problem ! Rufen Sie mich an ( ab 17:00 Uhr ), Festnetz: xxxxx, Mobil: xxxxx”
  • Menu options of websites.
  • Some other slogans.
    • “Three Steps to the Software You Need at the Prices You Want”.
    • Variations of act’o-soft GmbH Informationssysteme's slogan “Wir verstehen Handel. Wir entwickeln Software. Wir gestalten Prozesse” ) and EDEKA's “Wir lieben Lebensmittel”, but for customers of different industries ( Automation, Manufacturing, Production, Process Engineering, IT, <your Industry here> Industry, <or generic name of your product here>... )
    • “MES we can”. ( → Variation of Obama's “Yes we can”, for the Industry of Manufacturing Execution Systems ( MES ) ).





Guerilla Marketing

Forums, Newsgroups

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