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[hemmerling] Marketing and Self-Marketing

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Inbound marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

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Institut für Bibliotheks- und Informationswissenschaft (IBI)

Search Engine to find the most important Blogs of your Market Niche

  • BuzzSumo - Select “Content Research / Most Shared”.
    • “Find the Most Shared Content and Key Influencers”.
    • “Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor.Find the key influencers to promote your content”.
    • Sam Ovens ( see Marketing and Self-Marketing ) suggested it in 2018-07 to find the most important blogs of your market niche, as self-employed ( consultant )!
    • “View ZZZ more results for “XXX” with BuzzSumo Pro!” :-(.
    • “You’ve Reached Your Daily Limit. To continue searching, please log in or start a free trial. If you'd prefer not to upgrade at the end of the trial, you can switch to our limited free version” :-(.

Search Engine to find the most frequent Questions of Search Engine Users

Library of Ads

Direct Marketing

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Dialog Marketing

Free Templates

Online Marketing

Positive Marketing Examples

The Marketing Strategy of DropBox

Slogans, Self-Presentation

  • Informationstechnologie GmbH - “unser Team unterstützt Ihr Unternehmen dabei, Potenziale mit Hilfe von modernen IT- und Kommunikationslösungen optimal zu nutzen”.
  • The paper flyer of innotronix, Hannover ( 2010-01 ).
  • melissadoll <dot> at - “Sometimes people type Rolf Hemmerling a few different ways so if you typed in Rolf Hemmerling or RolfHemmerling, Rolf Hemerling or RolfHemerling, Rolf Hämmerling or Rolf Hämerling. Odds are you were looking for Rolf Hemmerling so feel free to click the link above to check out the site”.
    • “Wir befähigen Unternehmen, ihre geschäftlichen Ziele mit innovativen Methoden der Software- und Systementwicklung selbst zu erreichen.
    • 3 colunms.
      1. Wissen ( Grundlagen, Kontext, Substanz ) ⇒ courses, e-learning.
      2. Können ( Ausprobieren, Sicherheit, Entscheiden ) ⇒ in-house workshops for companies.
      3. Tun ( Optimieren, Perfektionieren, Nachhaltig ) ⇒ coaching of project managers.
    • Computer-Doktor Services “Computerprobleme?? Streikt Ihr PC mal wieder? -*Virenbefall?, Softwareprobleme? -*Neuinstallation von Windows, Software etc. nötig ? - Kein Problem ! Rufen Sie mich an ( ab 17:00 Uhr ), Festnetz: xxxxx, Mobil: xxxxx”
  • Menu options of websites.
  • Some other slogans.
    • “Three Steps to the Software You Need at the Prices You Want”.
    • Variations of act’o-soft GmbH Informationssysteme's slogan “Wir verstehen Handel. Wir entwickeln Software. Wir gestalten Prozesse” ) and EDEKA's “Wir lieben Lebensmittel”, but for customers of different industries ( Automation, Manufacturing, Production, Process Engineering, IT, <your Industry here> Industry, <or generic name of your product here>... )
    • “MES we can”. ( → Variation of Obama's “Yes we can”, for the Industry of Manufacturing Execution Systems ( MES ) ).





Guerilla Marketing

Forums, Newsgroups

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