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[hemmerling] PEARL - Process and Experiment Automatisation Realtime Language

History and Motivation for this Page

I am interested in PEARL since 1986, and I won the price in the one and only PEARL programming competition of 1987 (with 19 entries :-)). From 1989 until 1991, I published several articles in the german magazine “PEARL-Mail”, published by Leberecht Frevert.

Organizations & Norms




Compilers and Development Systems





Some other PEARL Implementations

The OpenSource PEARL-Pool of HEISE Publishing 1986-2000

  • The PEARL-Pool of Heise Publishing is a collection of free (“public domain”) software written in the program languages PEARL and PEARL90. It was founded in 1986. Because of historical reasons this collection consists of software written for the computers of the ATARI-ST family and for the C'T-68000 computer, running the realtime operating system RTOS-UH of the University of Hannover. Everybody is called to send in self-written PEARL programs as source code !
  • By the way, although the software itself is free, it was distributed only on disks commercially available from eMedia (the partner company of Heise Publishing ). It was not allowed and not expected to upload this software to mailboxes or to distribute it in the Internet.
  • Everybody who sent in a non-trivial PEARL program as source code (so please don't send the version of “hello world”), got in return one of the already published PEARL-Pool disks of his/her own choice, for free.
  • For disk orders without sending in self-written PEARL programs, you had to consult eMedia. Indeed, the commercial offer of PEARL-Pool software is not included anymore in the ads printed in the computer magazine C't, because of lack of sales.


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