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PythonCamp, Köln & Rügen

PythonCamp, Köln

PythonCamp Rügen

  • PythonCamp Rügen 2023, 2023-06-24 - 2002-06-25.
    • Location: Project Bay Workation / Coworking, Boddenstraße 64, D-18528 Lietzow.
    • Traveling from Bielefeld via Bergen or Stralsund by direct ICE connection possible very-few times a day, but... then traveling days are Friday + Monday, so 3 accomodations....
    • Suggestion to travel by ICE from Bielefeld to Bergen or Stralsund on Friday, accomodation, travel by train Bergen or Stralsund - Lietzow on Saturday and Sunday to and from Litzow by train with 49 EUR/m ticket, travel by ICE from Bergen or Stralsund to Bielefeld on Monday.
    • Travel time Stralsund-Lietzow = 37min, Bergen-Lietzow = 7min by train, 38min by bus. It is therefore important to find a hotel near the train station in Bergen, then breakfast will also work. 8:29 from Bergen, 8:36 to Lietzow. The train schedules only all 60min, so that would be the train you should catch to be there for the classic barcamp start at 9:00 am.

Python Unconference Hamburg

Tryton Unconferences


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Swiss Python Summit

Never Code Alone


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