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[hemmerling] Python 8/10 - IDEs & GUI Designers

Free and OpenSource IDEs & IDE Plugins & GUI Designers

IDEs & IDE Plugins

The Eric Python IDE


  • The openSource IDE “IDLE (Python GUI)”, shipped with the Python development system.
    • It may be called by:
      • C:\Program Files\Python 2.7\pythonw.exe” “C:\Program Files\Python 2.7\Lib\idlelib\idle.pyw” -e ”%1”
    • Call on my computer, with modified path:
      • D:\int\w32\develop\Python2\pythonw.exe” “D:\int\w32\develop\Python2\Lib\idlelib\idle.pyw” -e ”%1”
    • Look for “Python.File” with RegEdit for fixing the definition!





The Tool
PyScripter & Virtualenv

Pythonwin IDE

SPE IDE - Stani's Python Editor

Thonny IDE

Microsoft Visual Studio as Python IDE

Visual Studio Python Express

xRope: A lightweight IDE for Python

GUI Designers

Tkinter Tools

Tkinter Resources

wx Tools

QT Tools

Comparison Chart: The Code generated with GUI Designers for Python

# GUI Designer The generated code Comments Recommendation for use
Tool name Tool platform GUI Framework Screen Layout Is a class Runtime library Runtime Library License
1 page Tcl/Tk Tkinter Grid Yes Yes #1
2 ptkgb Python Tkinter Grid Yes Python megawidgets ( pmw ) MIT Yes
3 ptkgen Python Tkinter Grid No tkgen GPL 2.1 Consider the runtime license if selecting it for a project Yes
4 pygubu Python Tkinter Grid Yes pygubu GPL 3 Consider the runtime license if selecting it for a project Yes
5 QT Creator Windows, Linux, MacOSX PyQT Grid Yes PyQT GPL 2, GPL 3 Consider to use the Pyside module with its LGPL license, if the runtime license doesn't fit for your project Yes
6 QT Designer Windows, Linux, MacOSX PySide Grid Yes PySide LGPL 2.1 Yes
7 rapyd Python Tkinter Grid Yes Run-time error handler “” Public domain ? Menu generation does not yet work Not yet
8 SpecTCL Python Tkinter Grid Yes Yes #1
9 tk_happy Python Tkinter Place Yes The single GUI builder which offers the “Place” screen layout Yes #1 for “place” design
10 Visual Python Tkinter IDE 1v1.6 Windows with .NET Tkinter Place No No

Tool Resources

Commercial IDEs

Editors with some ( highlighting ) Support for Python


Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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