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[hemmerling] Software As A Service ( SAAS ) 2/2

Source Code Repositories / Document Repositories

Repositories with Version Control based on Git

Repositories with Version Control based on Subversion

Repositories with Version Control which offer both Git and Subversion

  • Assembla - “Simple yet powerful task management, code management (Subversion, Git & Perforce)”, “Project management for developers, marketers & agencies”, “1 Private Project & 3 Team Members. Unlimited Repos, 500MB Storage”
    • EN.Wikipedia "CodePlex" - “Source control based on Mercurial, Team Foundation Server or Subversion (also powered by TFS), Git”
      • “Google Code runs a project hosting service[8] that provides revision control offering Subversion, Mercurial and Git”.
      • You have to define your OpenSource license when you create a project ( in opposite to other services like GitHub, where you define that by uploading license files ect. ).

Some other Repositories


Webspace, Homepages, Document Hubs

Providers of commercial Website Building Sets



Providers of free Webspace & Homepages

Free File Shareing Services

Commercial File Shareing Services

Document Hubs ( Document Hub Online Services, Data Sync Online Services )


doctape Services & Support
doctape Events
doctape Development

Some other Document Hubs

Some other Document Hub Software

Some other App Hubs

Free Online Storage

Commercial Online Storage

Peer2 Peer Networks

Resources for free Webspace and free Homepages

Resources for commercial Webspace and Servers

Resources for Shops

Forwarding URLs / Short URLs




  • With most free service, Short URLs used in SPAM ( including email and forum SPAM ) will be disabled :-(.

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