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Organisations and Events

Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services ( AWS )




Service Conditions

  • Amazon Web Services - AWS Free Usage Tier ( “Kostenlose Nutzung von AWS” ) - “Um neuen AWS-Kunden den Einstieg in das Cloud Computing zu erleichtern, bietet Amazon ausgewählte Web-Dienste kostenlos an. Ab dem 1. November steht neuen AWS-Kunden ein Jahr lang eine kostenfreie Micro-Instanz von Amazon EC2 zur Verfügung. Gleichzeitig können Neukunden Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic Block Store, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing und AWS-Datenübertragung kostenlos nutzen”, ”... (bis auf SimpleDB, SQS und SNS, die unbeschränkt kostenlos sind)”.

Physical Data Migration

AWS Events

AWS Developer Day, Germany
AWS Summit, Germany
AWS Mittelstandsprogramm



Some other Webservices with public API

Cloud Services

Major Players, according to Experton Group, as of 2010-12

  1. Amazon Web Services LLC (Amazon).
  2. Deutsche Telekom AG Geschäftskundensegment (DTGK).
  3. Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH (FTS).
  4. Google Inc. (Google).
  5. Hewlett Packard (HP).
  6. IBM Corp. (IBM).
  7. Microsoft Corp. (Microsoft).
  8. Nionex GmbH (a Bertelsmann daughter company).
  9. Pironet NDH AG (Pironet).
  10. Inc. (Salesforce).
  11. T-Systems International GmbH (T-Systems).

Cloud Connectivity Platforms which might become important for IoT, according to "State of Developer Nation Survey" in 2016

  1. SAP HANA.
  2. Engine Yard.
  3. Oracle Cloud Platform.
  4. Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  5. IBM Bluemix.
  6. Red Hat OpenShift.
  7. Salesforce App Cloud.
  8. Heroku.
  9. Microsoft Azure Service Fabric.
  10. AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  11. Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.
  12. Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud) EDAS.
  13. Google App Engine.
  14. AppFog.

Cloud Connectivity Platforms which might become important for IoT, according to VDC Research in 2014, 2015, 2016

  1. AWS IoT → New in 2016.
  2. Cloudera - “The Platform for Big Data and the Leading Solution for Apache Hadoop in the Enterprise”.
  3. Electric Imp. - “The Electric Imp platform is the complete solution to easily connect any device to the Internet”. Free account.
  4. Etherios Inc., USA / Etherios, Inc., UK, a Division of Digi International - Etherios Device Cloud (formerly iDigi).
  5. Eurotech ESF / Eurotech Everyware Cloud.
  6. Google Cloud Platform IoT → New in 2016.
  7. IBM.
    • IBM Bluemix → New in 2016.
    • IBM Watson IoT → New in 2016.
  8. Microsoft Azure.
  9. OpenStack.
  10. Oracle IoT Cloud → New in 2016.
  11. SAP HANA → New in 2016.
  12. Sierra Wireless AirVantage - “The AirVantage Enterprise Platform offers advanced REST APIs along with powerful device and data management dashboards”.
  13. ThingWorx - “Internet of Things and M2M Application Platform”.
    • Webinar A Fresh Look at Things, 2016-01-28 ( 14:00 -16:00 GMT, 20:00 - 22:00 GMT ) - “On January 28, PTC's vision to bridge the digital and physical worlds becomes reality, introducing entirely new ways to experience the 'things' in the Internet of Things”.
    • Market:
      • The ThingWorks server is targeting to be an addon to existing MES systems ( → seeManufacturing Execution Systems ( MES ), in the means of “Brilliant Manufacturing” / “Industry 4.0” to enable a “Machine Visibility Application”, not as replacement for existing MES systems. Sort of “MES Next Level” :-).
    • Implementation:
      • There is a commercial online service, with limited free account.
      • You can buy the software for installation in your own datacenter.
    • Technology:
      • Communications by Websockets.
      • Java application, to be deployed on a Apache Tomcat Server.
      • Database. Neo4J ist the default database and was the only one for longtime, but now other databases like Cassandra or Postgres are supported.
      • There is a Javascript engine with JS framework on eye-level with NodeJS installed on the server. You may write user-specific code to collect data, to generate reports by a database query. By user-defined Javascript scripts, the system may also do event handling. Some users agree that concerning this aspect, the system is similar to SalesForge.
    • Creation of a simple demo application.
      • Steps:
        • Define / select the “Properties”.
        • Define the behaviour of your application by a “Service”. You may create services by your own JS scripts.
        • Create an “Application”, a dashboard ( a mashup of data visualisations on a canvas ).
    • A “Stream” is a time series of values, which can be handled by your own JS scripts. The report may be a table filled with data, with your “Properties” as table headers.
    • At ThingWorx Marketplace, there are offers
      • Templates
      • Constoum Graphic Controls, for the mashup.
    • Jobs: ThingWorx has an office in Ratingen, Germany, but no vacancies / job openings are offered :-(.
  14. Xively by LogMein - “Xively provides the platform, tools, services and support needed to create and manage compelling connected products and services on the Internet of Things”. Free developer account.

IoT application development and deployment platforms, which might become important for IoT, according to VDC Research in 2016

  • Arrayent.
  • Bosch IoT Suite.
  • Carriots.
  • Cloudera.
  • Electric Imp.
  • Etherios Device Cloud (formerly iDigi).
  • GE Predix.
  • Siemens MindSphere - The cloud-based, open “IoT operating system” from Siemens.
  • Telit.
  • ThingWorx.
  • Xively (LogMeIn).

IoT frameworks/platforms, according to VDC Research in 2017

  • Alljoyn
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Eclipse SmartHome
  • Google Nest
  • OIC
  • OpenHab
  • Smarthings Hub

The Texas Instruments Cloud Ecosystem

  1. 2lemetry - “IoT Platform, Middleware and Solutions”.
    • 2lemetry "How It Works" - “2lemetry’s ThingFabric Platform has been architected to provide superior flexibility, performance and intelligence. Here’s how it works”.
    • If you don´t operate your device in “smart mode” ( e.g. with code generated by the “Energia” software tool, or with the code of “Lab2” of the CC3200 workshop ), you have to specify the local Internet router!
    • “Lab2” of the CC3200 workshop:
      1. SSID_NAME = “ssid_name”.
      3. SECURITY_KEY = “password”.
    • Energia:
      1. #WIFI_SSID = “ssid_name”.
      2. #WIFI_PWD = “password”.
    • Be shure to configure your access data in your local device software properly:
      1. TWOELEMENTRY_USERID = “Key (Username)”
      2. TWOELEMENTRY_PASSWORD = “MD5 Secret” ( and not the “Secret (Password)” )!!
      3. TWOELEMENTRY_DOMAIN_STUFF = “Project” ( a long string of letters and numbers ).
    • I participated in the hands on workshop of 2lemetry expert LinkedIn "Mark Mulrooney" on 2014-12-10 in Mittwerda, Germany.
  2. Exosite - “Internet of Things, Visual Analytics, Remote Monitoring”. Free community account, different from the partner accounts ( i.e. the free at Texas Instruments' service at Exosite ).
    • Exosite "Texas Instruments" - Free “Community” account for developers ( public sharing, with add-ons, 2 devices, 10 email alerts / day, 0 SMS / month ).
  3. Sensinode Ltd - An ARM company.
  4. Thingsquare - “A software platform that lets product makers connect products with smartphones”.
  5. Xively ( see on this page ).

IOT Cloud Service presented on ARM DevSumnit 2021

  • balena - “The complete IoT fleet management platform”, “Build your IoT project with balena”. Free basic services “Your first 10 devices are always free and full-featured” :-).

Important Companies with focus on developer support for "Industrial IoT", from Point of View of "VisionMobile" in 2015

  • Eruotech (Everyware device cloud).
  • Sierra Wireless (Airvantage).
  • Ayla Networks.
  • Zebra Technologies (Zatar).
  • BlackBerry (IoT Platform).
  • Cumulocity.
  • Nimbits.
  • Amazon (Kinesis, Machine Learning, 2lemetry).
  • GE (Predix).
  • ILS Technologies (DeviceWise).
  • AT&T (M2X).
  • JD (Smart Cloud).
  • Digi International (Device Cloud).
  • Xively.
  • PTC (Axeda, ThingWorx)
  • Arkessa
  • Carriots
  • Gemalto (SensorLogic)

Some other Cloud Services

Some very-very special Cloud Services / Web Services

Cloud Monitoring Services



The Online IOT Marketplace

  • Ericsson "Ericsson IoT Marketplace" - “Only offical Ericsson emails ( are allowed” :-(, though I was told on the Hannover Fair 2016, that the platform is open to any third-party developer.




    • “Move Your App to the Cloud... Unlike rivals such as, and Google, Etelos is offering developers a way to move... to the cloud with little modification needed. Etelos also has services for helping developers sell, license and scale Web applications... Etelos is a PAAS (Platform as a Service) provider with a familiar twist. Where other frameworks require developers to code parts of their applications to work with the cloud service in question, Etelos' development environments enable software makers to bring their standard LAMP-type applications to the cloud with little or no modification required”

Google IOT Core

  • Google Cloud "Cloud IoT Core" - “A fully managed service to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest data from globally dispersed devices”.

Salesforce / Heroku

Salesforce / & developerforce

Heroku, a SalesForce Daughter Company

The Twelve-Factor App
The Service & Tools



  • Heroku is suitable for IOT mass data processing and storage. The condensed data might be transfered to SalesForge.
  • SalesForce uses Oracle databases for storage, and therefore not intended for IOT mass data. You may easly store metadata at Salesforge and implement a metadata-driven workflow without coding software.

IBM Cloud

The Cloud service

Physical Data Migration

    • Third-party hardware to do physical data migration.
    • In 2018-10, experts told me that IBM is one of their customers, see the rebranded IBM devices!
    • “Transferring large amounts of data over Ethernet or Satellite networks is time-consuming and inefficient, and there are many areas of the world with limited or no web connectivity. ServerPack 35 is the best solution for these regions”.


Microsoft Azure

Software Development Stacks


  • Cloudogu - “Cloudogu is not just another software development stack - it is an open platform, which lets you choose how and where your team creates great software. Each service or tool is delivered as a Dōgu, a Docker container, that can be easily integrated in your environment just by pulling it from our registry. We have a growing number of ready-to-use Dōgus, e.g. SCM-Manager, Jenkins, Nexus, SonarQube, Redmine and many more. Every Dōgu can be tailored to your specific needs. You can even bring along your own Dōgus! Take advantage of a central authentication service, a dynamic navigation, that lets you easily switch between the web UIs and a smart configuration magic, which automatically detects and responds to dependencies between Dōgus”.

  • The commercial service, Germany - “ für Deutschland. Revolutionieren Sie Ihre Entwicklungs- und Deploymentprozesse mit vollständigen Umgebungen für jeden Git Zweig. Schützen Sie ihre Daten mit Enterprise Hosting von”.

Telekom Developer Garden

Online Office, Financial & B2B Applications

Installable Software as Client for Mashup Services


Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA )

Service Types




FaaS ( Function as a Service )

  • Tips:
    • You must save execution time ( AWS limit 5 min, Azure limit 10 min ).
    • Your function must not wait for anything. Divide your function in atomic parts ( e.g. delegeate storage to other cloud services, like “Azure Storage” or “Table Storage” ).
    • Your functions must be triggered by (external) events.
      • URL ⇒ HttpRequest with REST, e.g. by visit of a special website with a browser, by a user.
      • FaaD Timer.
    • Your functions must not pull data, as this causes permanent operation.
    • Output: E-Mail by SMTP server ( e.g. GMX.NET, Web.DE,.. )
    • Access by Internet browser or “Asure CLI”.

AaaS ( API as a Service )

  • Just Marketing!

BaaS ( Bus as a Service )

  • Just Marketing!

Microsoft Biztalk Services


Web-Oriented Architecture (WOA)




Forums, Newsgroups

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