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Web-based Content Management Systems

CMS Products


  • The OpenSource DotNetNuke in VB.NET - The Leading Open Source Web Content Management Platform for ASP.NET”.

Drupal ( PHP )

  • The OpenSource CMS Drupal in PHP.
    • According to experts, Drupal 5, 6, 7, 8 are totally incompatible :-(. These experts suggest to setup a new project with empty codebase, when moving from one version ( 5, 6, 7... ) to the next ( 6, 7, 8,.. ) :-(.

eforia web manager

  • The free eforia web manager - “Systemvoraussetzungen. Server: WebServer unter Windows oder Linux Server mit CGI-Schnittstelle. Ausführung freier CGI-Binaries (Linux) muss erlaubt sein oder Installation tdbengine. Empfohlen wird der Betrieb mit Apache, dafür werden passene Konfigurationsdateien (.htaccess) mitgeliefert”.

i-doit open ( PHP )

Joomla! ( PHP )

The Tool
Online Services


  • The OpenSource OpenCms, based on Tomcat und MySQL.

phpCMS ( PHP )


Wordpress ( PHP )

The Tool
  • “Child Themes”.
  • Experts told me that WordPress is a “plugin hell” :-).
    • If you use free or commercial WordPress online services,
      • The number and selection of plugins might be different,
      • And what of what version number the plugins are,
      • And how often plugins are updated.
    • If you run WordPress on your own server, you are responsible for system updates and especially plugin updates...
  • WordPress is known as working low-budget solution:
    • “Weil es in den Augen eines Fachkundigen Users und auch in den Augen anderer Firmen ein Armutszeugnis ist WP als Webseite zu haben. Eine Firma welche WP als Webseite hat kämpft in meinen Augen mit dem Existenzminimum”, “also 80% aller Firmen kämpfen um die Existenz. Weil so circa 80% aller Webseiten auf WP basieren”.
    • “Wenn man die richtigen Verkaufsargumente und ein wenig Know-how hat, kann man einem Kunden sehr schnell klar machen warum man auf WP verzichten und durchaus bereit sein sollte etwas in seinen Webauftrit zu investieren”.
    • “Eine Webseite ist nunmal der first point of contact, der Eindruck muss passen. Dabei gehts weder ums Geld der Entwickler oder sonst was. Es ist und bleibt ein Aushängeschild... Beauftragst du einen Grafiker/Webdesigner der als eigene Homepage ein Werk von Frontpage 1.0 vorzuweisen hat? Wohl kaum”.

ZOPE ( Python )

Coldfusion Express

Enterprise Portal & CMS

Enterprise Information Management ( EIM )

  • The commercial OpenText - “Enterprise Information Management (EIM). Get a competitive advantage by securing & centrally managing your big data & big content with an OpenText Enterprise Information Management software strategy”.

Online Enterprise Operating Manual & CMS

Online Communities

Social Network Systems, Grouware & Dating Software Solutions

Commercial Groupware

Commercial Social Network Systems

The Server
Third-Party Apps
User Experience
  • Limit “You have reached your limit of 1000 friends!” ( = 1000 friend requests? ) :-(, even though you just have e.g. 394 accepted friends.
  • Feedback about the user interface and system features:
    • According to reliable users, you may open, close and reopen an account with same username and same E-Mail address :-).
    • Other social network communities, which might be entitled “Social Media-Sharing Communities”, allow the users to browse the uploaded media contents ( photos and videos ). There is no central place at WoWonder for that.
      • The photo and video contents is hidden on the profile walls and albums of the users. This might be ok for a true social community with mostly private photo and video contents ( e.g. Facebook ), but is a fault in case of a photo and video community, where sharing of media contents is of major interest both of the uploaders and the consuming users.
    • Message system.
      • There is no true message system, but just a chat system. The chat system has a limited buffer, so that chat contents is not saved permanently.
      • The chat system looks like to Facebook chat, with a user interface at left bottom of the browser window. But in opposite, at Facebook, all messages are saved.
      • If you press the button “Delete Messages”, maybe all messages are deleted for both chat partners!
      • Message buffer:
        • There is one message buffer URL for the sender, and another buffer URL for the receiver. So a complete message communication channel consists of 2 message communications URLs.
        • If you bann another user
          • The message buffer is also officially unavailable for this user, i.e. the banned user can´t read the old messages anymore :-(.
          • But if you get banned by a friend, you will be informed about his / hier birtday, at the WoWonder community start page :-).
        • How to get the access to the message buffer again:
          • You still must know the URL of the user. The URL username must be not identical to the screen name.
          • Open another ( free ) account, best by another Internet browser.
          • Just if writing of messages is enabled by default, for users who are not friends, you may access the old messages of your first account. Else not!
          • Open the chat message window.
          • Change from chat message window to full message buffer page. Copy the URL.
          • Login with your old account.
          • Paste the URL of the full message buffer page.
          • Just in case that the message buffer page doesn´t load, load the message buffer page of another no-blocked account, change the message buffer number to the wanted message buffer, and load again. A wonder, by wonder, ususually this works to load the requested message buffer page.
          • You might even write messages to the account, who “blocked” watching the profile page.
    • The search engine for users is hidden, behind “Search / Advanced Search” and “Forum / Members”.
      • “Search / Advanced Search”: Software bug, as of 2018-03: The given search criteria ( e.g. “country = Germany” ) are ignored for further results, if you press “Load more users”
      • “Forum / Members”: Software bug, as of 2018-03: The given selection criteria ( e.g. “All members with username which starts with 'A'” ) are ignored for further results, if you press “Load more users”
    • There is no image preview with limited image size. If an image, e.g. 1 MByte of size, is visible on a Wowonder profile page, it is loaded completely.
    • The number of curently logged in users is displayed at the bottom of the front page, right side, e.g. “Online Users 63”.
    • WARNING: I found an implementation of WoWonder, where multiple videos are downloading as soon as you enter the website, automatically, though you don´t run a video. E.g. if you stay 10 minutes on a single page, it might have downloaded all videos completely. This might ruin your Internet high-speed data volume, if you have an Internet volume data tariff ( e.g. 2 GB/month ). According to a WoWonder user, there is no easy configuration to deactivate preloading of videos...
    • As experienced, uploaded media is not protected from external access. I.e. if you pass a link to a media object, people without cms account may view or play the media. Videos and pictures are stored with hash names, e.g. with “xxxxx” as placeholder for a hash value
    • If you put a link to a YouTube video into a ZB wall message, this is even mentioned at the top of the message, next to your user name “Youtube”. The video is embedded into the message and can be played. But the link to such included YouTube videos can´t be edited. If you edit a message which includes a YouTube video link, you may edit the other text, other URLs in the message, but not the video URL.
    • User feedback in 2018-03:
      • Dear admin of a WoWonder community, you may reduce your bandwidth charges by not allowing it to queue more than one stream at a time. I noticed it downloading 5 at once on a page where i was not going to watch any of them
    • User feedback in 2018-02:
      • I started with normal small server, about 130$/month, but the user experience even with a small number of users was, that “WoWonder” was so slow.
      • So I decided to upgrade. I upgrade several many times until this server, but still need more bigger.
      • Now we have more than 100 concurrent users, at best times.
      • The number of messages is enourmous. E.g. this month, in the first 3 days.... total number of messages is more than 2 millions ( 2.111.305 ). I.e. about 700.000 messages / day.
      • This server for more than 400$/month is
        • 12 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1650 v4 @ 3.60GHz.
        • 128 GB RAM.
        • 2 SATA disks of 4 TB each.
        • 2 SSD disks of 500 MB each.
        • unlimited traffic.
      • I was talking with script owner and I need 256 gb to run.
        • Reason why the server is so slow: Too many people uploading videos, converting videos, pictures, chat, talking...
        • The traffic is not the problem. problem are ram, cpu. The server need 256 GB RAM but this is too much expensive.
        • By looking at the current upload statistics: Images can upload 10 in 5 minutes. And videos more than 20 in 1 hour. So the number of currently active users is less important for the RAM consumption.
        • Also our database is so big.
      • User behaviour and system behaviour analysis:
        • Estimated 5% of the active users are active frequent uploaders of photos and videos, especially they “send” messages with photos to other users, by posting messages on the other users' profile walls.
        • Especially, the uploaders are “collectors of 3rd-party videos and photos”. So they upload mostly 3rd-party stock video and photo contents, not own contents. It would be very hard and in most cases impossible for most active uploaders to generate own contents in that bulk masses.
        • So estimated 5% of the active users ( i.e. less than 1% of the registered users ) cause the demand for an expensive server with enormous amount of RAM and CPU power for processing the video and photo uploads ( and playing the videos by a broad number of users )
        • Additionaly, there might be a fatal software misconfiguration: If a user enters a user profile page, photos published on the profile's wall are loaded and especially videos ( not just one, e.g. up to 5 if 5 are on the page ) are preloaded by concurrent background download even if never played.
      • S: “Every PHP MySQl request kills 2MB of ram can you implement with Node.js ?”.
      • A: “It depends on the process that you’re executing, not all the processes kill 2MB of ram, there may be a loop that takes 500MB, and there may be a MySQL query that takes 1 KB of ram. I agree that it’s so recommend to use Node.js, but again, it’s not available in shared hosting, so we’ll lose the customers that are using shared hosting”.
      • Q: “I have two vps Database: 8GB RAM, 4vCPU, 50GB SSD, 4TB of Traffic Application script: 4GB RAM, 2vCPU, 5GB SSD, 2TB Traffic Storage amazon s3. How many concurrent users do you believe meet?”.
      • A: “If opcache and Amazon are enabled. The site can handle 1000+ online users in same time”.
      • Q:“I am just wondering, How much user wowonder script can handle”.
        • “1, Registered User at the site 2. Online Concurrent User the script can handle 3. Concurrent Chats at the same time”.
        • “I am using sql for database with hosting of 32GB DDR4, Intel® Xeon® E3-1270 v6, 4.20GHz Turbo, 4Core / 8T, CPU Cache 8MB, Disk Space 2TB 7.2K HDD. The mentioned hosting is Dedicated Server”.
        • “I can increase the RAM & Disk space of the server, in future upto 512 GB & 50 TB. You have mentioned the script can handle 1 million user. How much user the script can handle at maximum level if i increase the server? Is there any limitation”.
      • A:
        • “1. Unlimted even if you are on a shared hosting. (just data)”
        • “2. Can handle as much as you want, but it will depend on your server, for example on shared, just 5 till 10 online users or chatting, on VPS 2GB ram 50+”.
        • “3. Your server is just perfect, it can handle 1000+ online/chatting users easily”.
        • “4. There is no limitation, but once you reach 1M, you gonna have to stop using one server and start using multi servers or cloud hosting and a team to manage those and separate the script databases etc.”
      • Q: “Hi bro , what is the requirements of hosting if i have 1000 users”.
      • A: “You mean 1000 online or total users? If online, you need a VPS for sure, with Amazon S3 enabled”.
        • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) & VPS Hosting.
      • Q: “What about godaddy vps 1G ram ?”
      • A: “That is not good to start, we talking about 1K online users, you need 16GB + VPS for that. If total 1K users, 1 GB is good to start”.
      • Q: “Sorry for a lot of question s , how many users chat online in same time suitable for 1GB ram ?”.
      • A: “You can handle around 50 – 70 online users chatting”.

Commercial Dating Tools

Commercial Dating Tools ( distributed with / as Sourcecode = OpenSource )

Free & OpenSource Tools

Online Services

    • “Can I run niche sites on Dating Factory white label platform? Yes”.
    • “Can I use my domain name? Yes, you can use your own domain name. Just specify this during the site registration process in your administration area, and transfer the DNS to our name servers”.
    • “Do you host my dating white label site? Yes, Dating Factory hosts your dating white label site and provides all the technical and customer support service to you and your members joining through your dating web-sites”.
    • HIV-Single - A reference customer of a niche market.

Market Research


Corporate Online Communities

Document Management Systems ( DMS )

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Learning Systems, Learning Management Systems ( LMS ), Course Management Systems for Blended Learning

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