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[hemmerling] Sales & Affiliate Marketing Business Offers, for Self-Employed & Small Companies

Career as independant Writer

Business Offers, made for Participation of Small Companies / Self-Employed Businessman

Multilevel Marketing Systems

Affiliate Systems

Meta Services for Polls, Surveys, with Compensation

Polls, Surveys, with Compensation

Polls, Surveys, just with Chance for Compensation :-(

Polls, Surveys, no Compensation :-(

Journalism / Text writing, Photography, Video Making

Product Test, Mystery Shopping

Customer Cards

Gift Services

Website and App Testing

New Business Models

Postal Services

Technical Advice & Handcraftmanship

    • Mila Friend.
    • Mila Pro.
      • “Sole proprietor. I am a sole proprietor or small business. My employees and I will monitor the entered service orders ourselves”.
      • “In which area would you like to get orders?” - “Please enter a value between 30 and 250” :-(.
      • Tax.
        • UID-Register.
        • MwSt-Nummer.
        • No Value-Added Tax Number.
      • IBAN company.


Lotteries / Competition where You have to pay for Application

Tombolas, Quizzes, Marketing Competitions


Soccer Championship Tombolas


One-Time Events


Payment and Micropayment Systems

  • Flattr - “A social micropayment platform that lets you show love for the things you like”.

Forums, Newsgroups

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