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[hemmerling] Sales & Affiliate Marketing Business Offers, for Self-Employed & Small Companies

Career as independant Writer

Business Offers, made for Participation of Small Companies / Self-Employed Businessman

Multilevel Marketing Systems

Affiliate Systems

Game playing for Money

    • “World leader in connecting brands with gamers”, “Spiele und gewinne Preise”.
    • “As of 30th of November 2023, Gamekit will cease operations” :-(.
  • Testerheld - “Jetzt bezahlter Online-Tester werden und sofort Geld verdienen”.
    • Tasks: “Spiele-Test, Spiele-Test, Spiele-Test,...”. You have to play Smartphone games.
    • “Dieser Auftrag wird automatisch überprüft. Dafür ist es zwingend notwendig, dass du die App über unseren Button auf der nächsten Seite lädst und dem Tracking von Apps auf deinem Gerät zugestimmt hast. Du kannst nur dann einen Verdienst bekommen, wenn du die App über unseren Link lädst. Achtung: Du musst den Auftrag auf dem Gerät abschließen, mit dem du ihn begonnen hast. Wenn du dein Gerät zwischen durch wechselst, kann die kein Verdienst ausgezahlt werden” :-( - It is important to be logged in at “Testerheld” on the Smartphone browser, to start a “Testerheld” job. Don't install the game by yourself. You must play the Smartphone game on the Smartphone on which you started the “Testerheld” job. If you fail, there might be no reward :-(.
    • Sample games in 2023-04:

Meta Affiliate Services, just with Business Model "Registration Provision"

Meta Services for Polls, Surveys, with Compensation

Polls, Surveys, with Compensation

Polls, Surveys, just with Chance for Compensation :-(

Polls, Surveys, no Compensation :-(

Journalism / Text writing, Photography, Video Making

Product Test, Mystery Shopping

Customer Cards

Gift Services

Website and App Testing

New Business Models

Postal Services

Technical Advice & Handcraftmanship

    • Mila Friend.
    • Mila Pro.
      • “Sole proprietor. I am a sole proprietor or small business. My employees and I will monitor the entered service orders ourselves”.
      • “In which area would you like to get orders?” - “Please enter a value between 30 and 250” :-(.
      • Tax.
        • UID-Register.
        • MwSt-Nummer.
        • No Value-Added Tax Number.
      • IBAN company.


Lotteries / Competition where You have to pay for Application

Tombolas, Quizzes, Marketing Competitions


Soccer Championship Tombolas


One-Time Events


Payment and Micropayment Systems

  • Flattr - “A social micropayment platform that lets you show love for the things you like”.

Forums, Newsgroups

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