[hemmerling] My Sensorstation for weather, pollution and environmental Data


My Sensorstation

  • My sensorstation ##26638, Feinstaubsensor #8756753"
  • My local Intranet webserver “Feinstaubsensor ID: 8756753”.
    • Access point
      • ”[x] API Luftdaten.info”
      • ”[x] API Madavi.de”.
      • “Senden an Feinstaub-App”.
      • “Senden an OpenSenseMap”, senseBox-ID “5ced881130705e001af2f35f”.
  • 2019-05-26 Start of operation.

Global Map of Sensor Stations

Cloud Service

Luftdaten.info Map

M&R Games




CPU Module

Particulate Matter / Dust Sensor Module

Temperature-Humidity Sensor

Weather Protection

Complete Kits



NodeMCU ESP8266 Firmware

Smartphone App


Temperature Measurement / Instrumentation

    • For calibration.
      1. Remove the front clear cover, with a very-very-small “watchmaker” screwdriver.
      2. Take the unit with the 2 instrumentations and its scales, out of the case.
      3. For setting the temperatur and humidity, turn the instrumentation covers at the back. This is easy-going! Don´t try to use a screwdriver to turn the 2 screws!
      4. Repeat (3) several times.Don´t expect magic or exact measurement :-(.

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