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Design Rules for Data Interpretation

Design Rules for Data Visualisation


  1. Show percentaged changes and not just absolut values.
  2. Percentaged changes may often best visualized by logarithm scales ( as known from ancient “logarithm paper”, used by engineers in control theory )
  3. Avoid traffic light, where red, yellow, green is automatically assigned to a status according to levels / thresholds.
  4. For visualisation of a graduation of values, do not use colors, but tonal values, as the human viewer can't properly figure out the order of enumeration of colors.
  5. For treemaps, use red-green or yellow-blue as colors.
  6. Avoid tachometers.

Design Experts and Design Rule Collections in Literature

Graphical Design Rules for Data Visualisation

Design of Human Machine Interfaces for Process Control and Automation


Special Design Aspect "Situation Awareness" / "Situational Awareness"


Design Elements for Data Visualisation

Standard Elements

  • Standard Graphics of office, business intelligence and mathematical engineering software → See “Related pages”.

Bode Diagram

Carpet Plot / Temporal Raster Plot

Conditional Formatting of Microsoft Excel 2013

Graphical Table


Micro Charts, Microcharting

Semantical Zoom of Windows 8 UI

Series ( "Datenreihe" )

SIMATIC PCS 7 Advanced Process Graphics

Trend Display - Trend Display with bar graph and gradient

Trend display with bar graph and gradient

Profil Display - Profil Display with Pattern Recognition

Profil display with patstern recognition

Line Diagram - Pattern Recognition over multiple Tags via Line Diagram

Pattern Recognition over multiple Tags via Line Diagram

Sparklines of Microsoft Excel 2010

Sunburst of Microsoft Power BI, 2016

Tree Map / Treemap

Infographics Software

Free Software

Commercial Services

    • “Graph visualization” of data by NoSQL graph databases.
    • “Register to try a free online demo of Linkurious on a pre-configured dataset” - So there is no free ( limited ) download edition, nor a free ( limited ) service for testing.


Visual Management


Forums, Newsgroups

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