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[hemmerling] Rapid Software Application and GUI Prototyping 1/3


  1. The online event “Meet and Code 2020”.

Important Rapid application development solutions - also referred as 'code free' development platforms -, according to VDC Research Group, Inc., in 2017

  • Alpha Software
  • MobileFrame
  • MobileSmith
  • PowWow Mobile



  • Rough Sketch, Thought Flow, Navigation.
  • Low fidelity structures that allow for function and thought flow to be designed without worrying about asthetics and form. A great first step.

Software Tools

  1. FlairBuilder - The Better Way to Wireframe Websites and Mobile Apps for Windows and MacOSX, based on Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR.
  2. The free online service Jumpchart Free - “Plan Websites with Jumpchart. Jumpchart puts your content, mockups, attachments, architecture and notes all in one place”.
  3. The commercial online service, desktop application and mobile application Lovely Charts for Windows, Linux, MacOSX, iPad - “A diagramming application that allows you to create professional looking diagrams of all kinds, such as flowcharts, sitemaps, business processes, organisation charts, wireframes and many more...”.
  4. Microsoft.
  5. The online service with desktop application Mockupbuilder for Windows. Free desktop application with limited features, just-commercial online service.
  6. MockupTiger - Wireframes and Mockups - “Best Online Wireframing and Prototyping Experience. Mix Low fidelity and High fidelity. Link sketches to build prototypes. Dashboards and Charts builder”, “Just pure HTML5”, “Open Format for Expert ( JSON )”.
  7. Nulab, Cacoo.
  8. The free online service Simulify Hobby for Windows and MacOSX, with a client based on Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR.
    • In 2013-09, Simulify refuses to install the Adobe AIR -based Simulify client on my computer with Win7, Firefox 22, Flash 11 player and Adobe AIR 3.8 :-(. Error message “Please upgrade your Flash Player This is the content that would be shown if the user does not have Flash Player 9 or higher installed”.
    • In 2015-12, login was refused by the error message
      405 Method Not Allowed
      Code: MethodNotAllowed
      Message: The specified method is not allowed against this resource.
      Method: POST
  9. The Eclipse-based WireframeSketcher - Wireframing Tool for Professionals for Windows, Linux, MacOSX.

Hardware Stencils

  • Since the mid-1970th during schooltime, I was introduced to hardware stencils. As of 2013-10, I still own:
  • UI Stencils - UI design with special paper, UI papers & UI stencils :-).

Hybrid Tools ( Software + Paper )


Wireframe & Prototype


  • Rough Sketch, Thought Flow, Navigation, Visual Elements, Interactivity, Functionality.

Evolus Pencil Project

The Tool

Import of Stencils and Templates

  • Import of Stencils:
  • Import of Templates:
    • “Tools / Manage Export Template...”, button “Install New Template...”.
    • If a template is already installed, there is the error message “Error installing template”.


Some other Tools

  1. Adobe, Inc.
  2. Axure Software Solutions, Inc. "Axure RP" for Windows and MacOSX - “Make Interactive HTML Prototypes of Websites & Apps with Axure RP”.
  3. The free online service iPlotz Free - “Wireframing, mockups and prototyping for websites and applications”.



  • Navigation, Visual Elements, Interactivity, Functionality.
  • High fidelifty interface that allows for aesthetic design and basic interactivity. Usually associated with clickable, dynamic mockups. Typically focus on behavior and advanced function.


  1. Appsketcher for Windows and MacOSX. 14-days trial version available.
  2. DesignerVista Mockup Tool for Windows. There is a crippled trial version only :-(.
  3. ForeUI - Easy-To-Use UI Prototyping Tool for Java on Windows, Linux, MacOSX - “Designed to create mockup / wireframe / prototypes for any application or website”. 15-days trial version available.
  4. The online service Lumzy - “Quick MockUp creation and Prototyping tool”.
  5. The free online service Basic.
  6. The online service UXPin ( formerly “JustProto” ).

Prototype & Simulator


  • Navigation, Visual Elements, Interactivity, Functionality, High Fidelity, Dynamic Processes .

Justinmind Prototyper Free Edition



  • Functionality, High Fidelity, Dynamic Processes.
  • Allow for simulation and site testing with a highly interactive interface. Typically are not paired with design features; however, more prototype tools are beginning to include advanced levels of simulation.


Wireframe & Prototype & Simulator


  • Rough Sketch, Thought Flow, Navigation, Visual Elements, Interactivity, Functionality, High Fidelity, Dynamic Processes.


  1. Infragistics - the User Experience Software Company "Indigo Studio" for Windows and MacOSX. 30-days trial version available.



Business Application Platforms


Programming Tools

Rich Client Targets

  1. “QT Creator” → See Software Frameworks.
  2. Java GUI builders → See Java & Java Platform Languages.
  3. Microsoft.

Web Browser Targets

Drag and drop programming


MIT App Inventor ( for Android )

MIT Scratch


Some other Tools

Some other uncategorized free or OpenSource Rapid Software Application and GUI Prototyping Tools

    • izotz!prototype - “A tool to help you quickly build a Website Prototype”.
  1. The free online service Connect-A-Sketch - “Upload and connect your sketches to create clickable prototypes”.
  2. The online service Pidocu - “Easily design & share interactive wireframes and UI prototypes”.
  3. Mockup Screens for Windows and MacOSX - “Quick And Easy Screen Prototypes”.
  4. The online service and desktop application Creately for Windows, Linux, MacOSX - “Online Wire-Frame & UI Mock-Up Tool”.
  5. The free NAPKEE for Windows and MacOSX, based on Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR - “Make your mockups come alive!”.
    • “NAPKEE 2” lets you export Balsamiq Mockups to Twitter Bootstrap at a click of a button.
    • The legacy version of NAPKEE, “NAPKEE LEGACY 1.8.0” lets you export to HTML, Adobe Flex or Adobe AIR.
  6. Vector graphics editors → See Virtual Reality & Graphics.
  7. Adobe.
  8. The free Serena Prototype Composer, Community Edition for Windows with Microsoft .NET 1.1 and Microsoft Word 2003. - “The products require that .NET Framework version 1.1 SP1 be installed on the system. In addition, the XML features of Microsoft Word 2003 or higher are required for document generation”.
  9. QMockup - Quick Mockup Software for Windows and MacOSX, based on Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR.
  10. The Photoshop plugin Altia, Inc "PhotoProto" for Photoshop CS4, CS5 on Windows - “Turn Adobe Photoshop Art into Interactive Prototypes”.
  11. The OpenSource Fries, Github " jaunesarmiento/fries" for Android - “Create sexy Android-like UI using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript”.
  12. The OpenSource software and free online service RWD Wireframes, Github "howlowck/rwdwire" - “A Tool to make responsive wireframe easier”, “A small scale, browser based wireframing tool for responsive layouts”.
  13. The OpenSource Framer, Github "koenbok/Framer" - “A prototyping tool for animation and interaction on desktop and mobile”.
  14. The OpenSource Fredi Bach "jKit - jQuery based UI Toolkit", Github "FrediBach/jQuery-jKit" - “A very easy to use, cross platform, jQuery based UI toolkit, that's still small in size, has the features you need, and doesn't get in your way of doing things!”.
  15. The free online service Framebox - “Lightweight online tool for creating mockups”.

Some other uncategorized commercial Rapid Software Application and GUI Prototyping Tools

Some other uncategorized Smartphone App Generators

Some other uncategorized commercial online Rapid Software Application and GUI Prototyping Tools

Some other Online Tools


Forums, Newsgroups

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